1D Imagines

Some Imagines I have made. Ask me for a imagine. I need you name and the band member you want to be with. Thanks, Tay


3. Hailey for Harry


I was at the bar drinking my sorrows away. My stupid boyfriend cheated on me to my face! This wasn't me. I never drink! But here I was about to get wasted beyond belief. I put my head down and started to cry. "Heeeeeeey whaaaats wrong???" I looked up and saw a curly haired boy. "Wanna talk about it? I know a place we could go." he said, moving his eyebrows up and down and giving me a drunken smile. I was about to decline but then, what did I have to lose? "Sure." I said. He took my hand and walked me out of the bar. He got his keys out. "I don't think you should be driving." I said. "It's OK. I'm not drunk." he shrugged. I gave him a 'WTF' look and I was about to slap him. "Wait!" he pleaded. "You have 10 seconds." "I thought you were pretty and I saw you crying and I wanted to make you happy and I want to get to know you better." he said with 3 seconds to spare. "Fine." I said, getting in to the car. "Tell me." he said. "My boyfriend cheated in front of my face with some redhead that's prettier than me." I said. He parked the car. 

"What's your name, love?"


"Well Hailey, I'm Harry and I've never met a girl as beautiful as you. And your boyfriend was too blind to see that."

And with that he got out of the car. He signaled me to come out and he grabbed my hand. We were in the most beautiful field and we were lying there, staring at the stars. He gave you his number and that's how Harry is your boyfriend today

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