1D Imagines

Some Imagines I have made. Ask me for a imagine. I need you name and the band member you want to be with. Thanks, Tay


7. Eliza for Niall


You and Niall were making dinner for Thanksgiving. He was wearing a 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' hat and a 'Kiss the cook' apron. You took his hat off, grabbed a Sharpie, and wrote 'Irish' above 'cook' on his apron. You put his hat on and kissed him. "Just doing what the apron says." you say. "Then I need to wear this more often." he said with a cheeky smile. You kiss him again and taste the pie you just baked. "Did you eat the pie?" you ask. "No," he said, "not all of it." he mumbled under his breath. "NIALL!" you yell, hitting his arm playfully. "Sowwy." he said in a baby voice. "It's okay sweetie. I made a second one." you say.  "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" he screeched. You both sat down and finished off the rest of the first pie.

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