I can love you more than this...

You probally think this is your average fanfic where two bestfriends go see one direction in concert and the boys fall head over heels for them. And I'm not hating on that...they're awesome and addictive..but I wanna go original..;D I'll post a couple chapters and tell me if you want me to go on


25. Twitcam

Savannah's POV

After we got done at the resturant,  we all got in the car to go to the hotel.  As soon as we walked in the lady behind the counter came to us and showed us around the hotel.

"The pool is closed from 9pm-9am and the fitness area is closed from 12am to 5am," she continued on.  I was barely listening.  All I was doing was wrapping my arms around Harry and laying my head on his shoulder.  I was so tired, that plane was so loud.

"And your rooms are on this floor," she said finishing.  There were only five rooms per floor, just our luck.

"I call Niall's room!" Stacy said running to a random room.  We all laughed and Niall followed her into the room.

"These rooms are huge!" I said walking into one of the rooms.

"But yet there's only one bed," Harry said hugging me from behind.

"Liam," Zayn shouted, "Wanna do a twitcam?"

I just shook my head. "It's not fair! You guys always do twitcams when I'm taking a shower or something," I said into the hallway.  The boys snickered but I had a plan up my sleeve. 

"I'm going to take a shower love," Harry said kissing my cheek.

"Alright, I'll try to stay out of trouble," I said giggling and kissing him back.  This was going to be fun.

Niall's POV

We got settled in and Zayn had the awesome idea of a twitcam.

"I'll be in in just a second!" I shouted getting some chips.  I ran over to Liam's room and he had already started.

"Hello!" I shouted over to the camera, eating my chips.

"Niall, didn't we just eat?" Zayn asked.

"Like a hour ago!  And plus I'm just snacking," I protested.  Louis was in his room skyping with El, but I knew he would come in soon.

"Guys?  Where are youuu," Stacy shouted.

"In here," I popped my head out the door.

"I got some food for this week," she said sitting down next to me.  

"Oh say hi to everyone Stacy!" I said pointing at the camera.

"Shit! We're doing a twitcam?!" she said trying to fix her hair. Everyone had their snicker and Caitlin popped in.

"Hey honey," Liam said.

"Hellur.  I'm going to put the food up then get some sleep," she said exausted.

"Alright love, do you want to say anything to 233 thousand people?" Liam said turning the laptop around.  

She froze and just went, "Oh, well hello."

Savannah's POV

I was sneaking around Liam's room and they were answering questions.  Perfect.  My ninja skills kicked in and I got in the room safely.  I tried getting behind the beds by crawling under them and it worked, until I got stuck.  I wiggled through and I was behind Zayn now.  Perfect.  I scared the living hell out of him and the boys.

"What the fuck?!" Zayn said.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I was literally, rofl'ing.  Harry walked in with a towel on his waist, confused.

"What's going on?" he asked me.  I couldn't stop laughing.  This was priceless.

"She just scared the crap out of the boys while they are still on twitcam," Stacy managed to get out.  Stacy already knows when I'm not around for a while I'm up to something.  Harry let out a laugh and the boys just gave him a cold stare.

"Aw come on guys, you gotta admit guys, that was funny shit," I said looking into the camera.  I plopped on Liam's bed and Harry quickly followed.

"So you're going nude tonight?" I asked him.

"Like every other night," he said smiling.

"Alright guys, I think we will call it a night," Liam said to the camera, "but we can have one more question."  The guys were scanning the screen until I saw this tweet:

Who are those girls?

"Well those girls are Savannah, Caitlin and Stacy," Liam pointed us out.  Nooo, not tonight. I don't want to be followed by the paparrazzi.

"I'm off to bed," I said to the guys.

"Night Savannah," they all said.  Harry was following me and I went into the bedroom and I was knocked out as soon as I got in bed.



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