I can love you more than this...

You probally think this is your average fanfic where two bestfriends go see one direction in concert and the boys fall head over heels for them. And I'm not hating on that...they're awesome and addictive..but I wanna go original..;D I'll post a couple chapters and tell me if you want me to go on


11. Surprises. (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Savannah's POV

"Ok, I'm gonna make some food. But you need to get some rest missy, alright?" Stacy said to me.  I nodded and the lights went out.  I really didn't care if I was on the couch, it was comfy.  I started to doze off when I heard the door unlock.  Maybe it was Nick forgetting something.  I closed my eyes and heard a familiar voice.

"SAVANNAH!" the cheeky voice said.  I opened my eyes.  It was Harry.  What the hell.  How did he get in my house.  I was speechless.  All I could do was get up and hug him.

"I can't belive you're here," I said, crying a little.

"I'm just as suprised as you are," he said.  What?  Just then the boys came in.  And Stacy went to hug them all.  Stacy.. you little devil.  I love you so much right now.

All I could do was stay in Harry's arms.  He was so lovable.  He picked me up and I pointed out my bedroom.  He threw me on my bed and he jumped on soon after.  It felt like I was living a dream. He pushed back my hair and kissd my forehead.  What is air.

"I can't belive I'm here with you right now," Harry said looking into my eyes.

"You just read my mind Mr. Styles," I giggled.  He was so perfect.  

For almost 10 minutes we laid there, talking and soaking in what happened.  This day was just full of suprises.


Harry's POV


Ok. I DID NOT  see a blue box.  I walked around the couch and saw Savannah. What the hell.  Was my brain trying to trick me, because it wasn't funny.


"SAVANNAH!" I shouted.  I can't belive this. She opened her eyes and hugged me.  This was the best day.  We chatted a bit and I decided to carry her to her room.  She pointed it out and I threw her on the bed and I jumped on it after.  She was so beautiful.  I held her in my arms most the time, and I didn't mind one bit.  We talked a while and I kissed her on her forehead, but I wanted to kiss her somewhere else.  But I knew she already had a boyfriend, which broke my heart.  I had to tell her how I felt. Now.

"Savannah?" I said running my fingers though her hair.

"Yes Harry?" she said looking up at me.

"I want you to know, Nick is a very lucky man. And I would do anything to be in his shoes right now," I said a little bit jealous.  She just smiled and kissed me. I felt like the luckiest boy alive.  I didn't want this moment to end.  

She pulled away and said, "Harry Styles, you don't know how bad i've been wanting to do that.  Here I am just an avereage joe girl and you come in my life and you don't know how badly I have been wanting to see you.  So today, i'm thankful for you," she said whispering in my ear.  This girl just wanted to taunt me.

"Well, i've been waiting for an average joe girl to come into my life for quite some time," I said kissing her cheek.  She smiled and rolled over and pulled the covers under her.  I quickly cuddled up next to her.

"Harry...how long are you going to be here," she said curiously while poking my stomach.

"I'm not sure, but I know i'm not leaving this spot for the rest of the day," I said.  And I ment it.  I felt like a little puppy lost before, but now I know who to follow.  Liam peeped around the door.  Dammit. I forgot the guys were here.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt anything but Stacy told us there was a Dominoes around here and we are ordering. You guys want anything?" He said quietly.

"Just get me my regular," I said wrapping my arms around her.

"I'll just have a Hawaiin pizza, it doesn't matter what size," Savannah said curling up to my chest.  Liam nodded and went back to the living room.  I don't think they were ordering pizza, they just wanted to spy on us.  Those bastards. But I didn't give a fuck right now. Savannah was dozing off and I quickly followed.



Liam's POV

Gosh. Savannah and Harry have been in her room for 30 minutes now.  I wonder what was going on.  

"Ok well, Liam, go find out what's going on in there," Louis demanded.

"Why me?" I asked. Why?

"Because, if you lie Harry will belive you," Zayn remarked.

"Alright, well what do I say?" I asked confused.

"Say we're ordering pizza. That way you won't have to lie," Stacy chuckled.  Niall was right next to her making a list for Dominoes.  I could hear the wedding bells right now...

"Dude, go look and see," Louis said shoving me down the hallway. 

"Alright, Alright, geez," I said hushly.   I walked towards Savannah's room and popped my head in.  They were snuggled next to each other and talking.  Harry quickly saw me. Shit.

"Hey, Stacy says there's a Dominoes not far from here, do you guys want anything?" I said hesitantly.

"Just get me the regular," Harry said wrapping his arms around Savannah.

"I'll have a Hawaiin pizza, it doesn't matter what size," she said curling up to his chest.  I nodded and quickly got back to they guys...and Stacy.

"One surpreme pizza and Hawaiin pizza, both medium," I said calmly, hoping they wouldn't ask anything else.

"Hey Liam," Zayn said in a hush voice, "What were Harry and Savannah doing?"

"Ugh! I can't take this anymore!" I shouted across the room, "It's their personal life, why can't you guys respect that?!

"I'm sorry Liam, I didn't mean to-," Zayn started.

"No, just no," I said shaking my head.  I headed out to the car and went to the mall.  I needed to get out for a bit.


Sooo whaddya guys think?  Does Stacy and Niall make a cute couple? :3 Happy Thanksgiving guys.  Today I'm thankful for....you guys!  Just a week ago this was a funny idea.  And now I get to share it all with you! ^_^ I'm also thankful for 1D because without them I don't know what I would be doing today o.o. Also thankful for our military and army and such for making this a great country to live in. I don't know what I would do without any of these people!  Thanks again for supporting me and 100+ views... WOW.  All I can say is wow. Thank you! ^-^ Savannah xx

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