I can love you more than this...

You probally think this is your average fanfic where two bestfriends go see one direction in concert and the boys fall head over heels for them. And I'm not hating on that...they're awesome and addictive..but I wanna go original..;D I'll post a couple chapters and tell me if you want me to go on


29. Snap out of it.

Niall's POV

Liam and Caitlin were kissing, and I couldn't help but stare.  She looked so beautiful. Wait. Niall.  Snap out of it.  She's happy how she is. I don't need to mess it up.  I got up and grabbed the keys and headed out the door.  Then I heard the door open again.

"Niall, you sure you're okay?" I heard Caitlin say behind me.  I turned around and she looked worried.

"I'm fine, promise," I said trying to assure her.

"Stop lieing, Mr.Horan," she had grabbing my hand, "now tell me what's up."

"I'm just having a hard time getting over Stacy," I said sadly. 

"Well, if you ever need to talk to someone, you know where I am," she said reaching up for a hug.  I hugged her and saw Liam peeking out the window.  I wouldn't blame him, either.  I tried to block the feelings for Caitlin, but it wasn't working out.  I waved and headed to the car.


Liam's POV

I saw Niall walk out the door.  I hope nothing was going on between them.

"Be right back babe, I'm going to make sure Niall is okay," Caitlin said.  I nodded and let her go.  I peeped out the window and I could only see what was happening.  After about a minute, she hugged him and Niall spotted me. Shit.  I layed low for the rest of the time and Caitlin opened the door.

"Niall is going to the mall to try to get over Stacy," she said sitting next to me and putting her feet across me.

"I hope he's going to be okay," I said playing with her hair.

"I hope so to," she said leaning her head on my shoulder, looking like she was about to fall asleep.  I grabbed a blanket from behind me and put it over her and boom, she was out of it.  I heard the boys doing something in the other room so I got up carefully, kissed her on the head, and headed in the other room.

"Nooooooo," Harry whined.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"We're playing truth or dare and Harry has to buy a thong from the mall tomorrow," Savannah chuckled.  I bursted out laughing and he just gave me a cold stare.  I grabbed a drink and sat down.

"So Liam," Harry said, "Truth or Dare?"


Caitlin's POV


I woke up around 5pm to my phone ringing.  It was Niall.

"Hey, what's up?" I said sleepily.

"I'm going to be going to the beach, do you want to come? I need to tell you something," Niall said quickly.

"Sure, I'll be there soon," I said.

"Alright, thanks," Niall said shakily.  What was going on?  I hung up and heard the boys in the other room. I knocked on the door and went in.

"Leeeeyummmm," I said, still tired.

"Yeah hun?" he said getting up.

"I'm going to the beach to see how Niall's doing," I said hugging Liam's waist.  Why did he have to be so tall.  Why did I have to be so short.

"Alright, have fun," Liam said drunkily.

"You mister need to get to bed, you will be having a massive hangover tomorrow," I said kissing him on the cheek.

"I know," he said goaning. I let a giggle out and headed out the door.  I jumped in my car and headed down the road.

**5 minutes later

I shut my door and saw a little campfire.  Of course, Niall was out there.  I put on my white beanie and headed his way.

"Hey," Niall said with a smile.

"Hey, you okay?" I said checking up on him.

"Yeah, but I'll save the other news for later," he said hiding something.  I sat down suspiciously and he pulled out his guitar.

"Lately I found myself thinking
Been dreaming about you a lot
And up in my head I’m your boyfriend
But that’s one thing you’ve already got"

I didn't know what got into me.  I was caught in the moment.  I leaned on his shoulder and he looked at me and we..kissed.


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