I can love you more than this...

You probally think this is your average fanfic where two bestfriends go see one direction in concert and the boys fall head over heels for them. And I'm not hating on that...they're awesome and addictive..but I wanna go original..;D I'll post a couple chapters and tell me if you want me to go on


26. Long Nights

Harry's POV

I went to put some boxers on before I got in the bed and Savannah was already out of it.  I coudn't blame her, it had been a long day.  I got under the covers with her and I coudn't fall asleep.  Damnit.   I got on my phone and checked my twitter.

@Harry_Styles why are you even going out with that girl? She's ugly as fuck lololo

There was more like these.  I'm pretty sure Savannah hasn't been on Twitter in a while, and I'm glad she hadn't seen these.  Altough there were a lot of people who supported us.  There was one that caught my eye.

In reply to @Harry_Styles why are you even going out with that girl? She's ugly as fuck lololol

@randomthingijustmadeup;D Girl.  If you consider yourself a directioner you are in your damn fucking wrong mind.  A true directioner won't put down anyone who is dating our boys, you know why? They picked them to be their girlfriend, and Harry is feeling like the luckiest  boy alive right now and do you think he would get mad if he saw continuous posts of people like you putting everyone down?  I will admit, Harry is my favorite but you don't see me trying to break them up.  Because I RESPECT Harry's desision.  

This made me smile, and I just had to reply

@ijustmadethisoneuptoo;D Thank you.  I love all my fans but it makes me mad when someone puts someone else down and they don't even know the person.


I set my phone down and started playing with Savannah's hair.  She was so beautiful, on the inside and out.  She doesn't deserve hate.  I remember when Louis and Eleanor first started dating and her page boomed with hate.  Louis posted a couple tweets saying to stop with the hate, but it's not like I can sheild Savannah from her twitter.  I put my arm around her and started to drift asleep when I heard a light nock on the door.

"Come in," I said husly.  It was Stacy. What was she doing here?  

"Is Savannah awake?" she said with tears in her eyes.

"No, but what's wrong?" I said sitting up now.

"I don't know if I can stay here much longer," she said sitting on the end of the bed.

"What's the problem?" I said.  

"I know it's just hate but, I don't think I can take it anymore.  Just because I was playing around with the boys on the twitcam they think I'm a whore," she said sobbing in my chest.  I wish Savannah was awake.  She knows her best.

"Well do you truly love Niall?" I said looking at her.  All she could do was nod.  "Well if you go back to America now you will be missing him, I know I did when I was away from Caroline," I said trying to get her to want to stay.

"Well if I go back to America and I'm still dating Niall it will get worse because people will just go up to me and tell me.  I just want everything to go back 3 months back where Savannah just came to school and everthing was perfect," she said laying on Savannah's legs now.  And she was starting to wake up.

"What's going on," Savannah said rubbing her eyes.

"Savannah, can I talk to you in the hall?" Stacy said quietly.  Savannah nodded and I was in the room alone now.  I tried to go back to sleep, hoping this was a dream.  I didn't want it to get this bad. Shit, I didn't want it to get bad at all.  I mostly heard crying out in the hallway, but afte a minute it stopped.  I peeped out the door and Stacy was next to Savannah asleep while Savannah was looking at me with some tears.

"You guys alright?" I said trying to keep my voice down.  She shook her head.

"I think Stacy is going to leave tomorrow, and she's going to have to break the news to Niall still," she said.

"Do you think long distant relationships work?" I said sitting next to her on the ground.  She just shook her head looking at the floor.

"She says she's going to break up with him because of all of this.  She loves him like crazy but, she can't handle the hate anymore and she says the only way to make it stop is to just have a fresh start," she said leaning on Stacy's shoulder.  Niall would be devistated.  He just found his girl and now he's loosing her.  I really didn't know how he would react.

"Alright well, I'll sleep on the couch tonight and you guys can sleep in the bed," I said helping Savannah up.  We got her in the bed and I got some blankets, and I got curious.

"Savannah?" I said looking at the wall.

"Yes?" she said walking over to me.

"If you were in Stacy's shoes right now, what would you do?" I said looking at her now.  She paused for a moment but then replied.

"I admit, I would probally cry myself to sleep some nights, but I wouldn't let them break us up," she said kissing me.  

"Goodnight love," I said kissing her head and going to the couch.





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