I can love you more than this...

You probally think this is your average fanfic where two bestfriends go see one direction in concert and the boys fall head over heels for them. And I'm not hating on that...they're awesome and addictive..but I wanna go original..;D I'll post a couple chapters and tell me if you want me to go on


15. Concert

Savannah's POV

This place was huge.  We pulled into the parkway and got out.  I swear, this could fit a giant in it.  The boys got ready and changed into their outfits inside and there were no seats left for us girls so we just stayed backstage.  Although I heard someone arguing with Harry.

"You know if they find out you guys are dating they will be all over your case," Paul said.

"Well, it's not their life, people need to understand that," Harry said buttoning his jacket.

"I know kid, let's just figure this whole thing out after the show," Paul said.  Harry was comming over in my direction (see what I did there ;D)  and kissed my head.

"Good luck tonight," I said hugging him.

"I don't need luck, I already have you," he said kissing me on the lips now.  

"I'll be back here with the girls, do you think anyone will ask where our passes are? I don't like want to get kicked out or something," I said giggling.

Harry shook his head.  "Paul and a couple other people know you're with us so you should be good," he said combing his hair.  I forgot that he still had marker on him.  I got out my pocket mirror and showed him.

"Shit! I almost forgot," he said looking for a sink. 

"Five minutes!" someone shouted over.  Harry finally got all of the marker off and closed his eyes for a second.  Niall handed me a sharpie pen and I knew what I had to do.  I sat next to him and he was out of it, poor guy was so tired.  I drew on him whatever came to mind.  Everyone was cracking up.  I woke him up and they went on stage.

Halfway through the concert someone tweeted, "Harry! What does your cheek say!"  He automatically touched his cheek and looked at me behind the curtain.  I held up the pen and bursted out laughing.

Liam put his arm around his neck and started reading the writing off his face. "Hope you had a nice nap Hazza! Sweet dreams, Savannah xx"  At this point everyone was laughing and having a good time.  Harry even let a smile slip.  How did I ever get this lucky?  Not even a month ago I didn't know my place in life, now I knew One Direction personally and was backstage.  I don't know how I was so calm about this.  I checked my Twitter and saw something that Harry retweeted.  It was a picture of us on the couch and said,  "RT if you respect Sarry <3"  How the hell did they know my name.  How did they even get thet picture.  I zoned back to reality and they were singing 'One Thing'.  Of course it was Harry's solo.

'Shot me out of the sky, You're my kryptonite, you keep making me weak yeah, frozen and can't breathe'   He was looking out into the crowd and then looked at me and smiled.  Harry Styles, you got that one thing.



I'm sorry i updated this so late /).(\  I wasn't feeling good at all today.  Sadly, this is the only chapter I'm posting today.  I'm sure it is crap, I can't really think well today.  I promise I'll make it up tomorrow ^.^

Savannah xx

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