Fateful Agreement

Ayvona and Stephen. Stephen and Ayvona. IT doesn't have that much of a ring to it, and that's what the pair think. Being royalty of two enemy nations is a lot to handle.

In a wicked plot, Stephen snoops through Callinda in search of something. When he's caught by Ayvona, who is resting in a forest at the time, he's forced to go with her and surrender.

He figures out a lie, and if anything, it was a mistake. He soon learns that.

Ayvona knows the truth about him that everyone else is just so blind to see. While he looks like a nice, sweet boy to all townspeople and nobles, he's really just a jerk.


2. Chapter Two

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When I got to her house I saw her stretching and (unsuccessfully) dancing. I shuddered. She was wearing tights again. Crazy old woman.

            When I was at a pole I stopped and said, “Grandma, I brought the stuff you wanted.”

            No response. I could tell her head was all up and focused on her “mad” dance skills. OR so she thinks. So I repeated, “Grandma, I brought the stuff you wanted,” a bit louder.

            I had to repeat it two more times until I gave up and turned her music off. I really should have done that earlier. Too bad, it’s too late now. When I did she immediately stopped dancing and turned to me sharply.

            “Ayvona, I told you not to interrupt me when I am dancing!” Well, you wouldn’t stop. What was a girl to do? Keep watching and torture her while her grandmother “danced”? I do not think so.

            Then she spotted the sugar and brownies. She squealed like a four year old on Christmas morning. “Yay! You brought it!” She came over to me, took it away, and she set it down on her counter.

            “Grandma, I have something to tell you!” I told her once we got to the couch.

            “Well, go on, dearie!” She replied in the sweet voice of hers.

            “Well, there was this guy who…”I kept talking about everything. From what he was wearing to what he did, and to the agreement. She put in what she thought about what happened

            When I finished I was breathless. “So let me get this straight, dear, you’re going on a date with a guy?” She started off serious, but ended up saying something very un-smart.

            “So, after I told you everything that happened, all you can say is, and I quote ‘So let me get this straight, dear, you’re going on a date with a guy’? What is up with that, grandma? I’m not really going to date him. I’m just spying on him!

“I see,” She started out, oh, great I can’t wait to hear what she has to say,  I thought sarcastically, “SO, your spying on a boy you’re going to date. Why? You already have him!” My grandmother didn’t know about the secrets of the land, and so of course she would say something like that. Anyway, my dad did get his unintelligentness from her. She definitely wasn’t the sharpest, but who was I to talk?

So, I just ignored her, and I looked around her little cottage until I spotted it. Her cookies! I swear, they are to die for! The sugar ones are so soft, the snickerdoodles leave a cinnamon-like taste in your mouth all day, and the chocolate chip ones would leave you breathless for an hour they were so amazing!

I stood up, and I dove right for it. I chose a snickerdoodle, and I was pleased beyond imagination. That was one of the wonderful things that were within the batty woman I call my grandmother. If you met her, you’d love her.

“I see you found the cookies.” She chuckled, but I was in my own world with unicorns, leprechauns, nice leprechauns, kangaroos that flew, koalas that loved me, and cats that didn’t exist. IT was awesome. Even Nyan Cat was flying in the sky with rainbows coming out of his poptart body! Wow, I need a life.

            After about ten minutes I finally gave my full attention to my grandmother. She was just sitting there patiently, you see, she told me once that anytime someone ate her cookies they spaced out for a certain amount of time depending on how many they ate. Long Story short, she was totally used to it. Sometimes when I look at the clock above her window I feel so bad that I’m just staring into nothingness, and she’s sitting on the couch or chair opposite of me just sitting there.

            I stayed with her for a bit longer until she went to take a nap. I wrote a note for her saying, “Grandma, I am going back to the castle. I have to go put my plans I told you in action! Take Care! And until next time, Love, you’re Dear Ayvona.”

            So I started home, but I ended up going to the fruit stand, and the stables to check out my horse. Larry, the caretaker, said everything was doing fine, and Nutella, my horse, who was a female, was running and jumping wonderfully. I also went to see a show at the theater, and they performed it magnificently.

            By the time I got home it was three o’clock, and I was exhausted. The plan would have to wait. So, I went to my room, which was left untouched as requested. I took a shower, and when I saw someone on my bed after, I did what almost every girl in this kingdom would do.

            I screamed. Some may say I was being a “scaredy-cat”, but wouldn’t you scream?

            The person in my bed jolted up. It was Aqua, my friend. My butler came rushing in.

            “Is there anything wrong, misses?”

            “Sorry, Butler Grayson, but Aqua just decided to have a sleepover in my room without telling me.” Aqua looked down sheepishly, and Grayson walked away to do things he was doing earlier, most likely.  

            When he left I immediately hit her on the arm, hard. “What is with you? Why are you in my bed? Do you know you almost gave me a heart attack?” I spewed questions out at her all in one breath.

            “Sorry,” she held her hand up as if she were surrendering, “but more importantly, why is your room so dirty? Don’t you have maids or something?”

“Yes, I do, but I didn’t want her them to clean it. And don’t ask why because you know good and well, why.” I said sternly.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Whatever.” She sighed. I swear that girl is such a pain, but I love her like she was my sister, so it was fine.

“Okay, but anyway, get out of my room. I really need to sleep. I visited grandma earlier, and I am exhausted.” I pushed her out of my room, and I locked the door. Finally, I sighed, peace and quiet.

My dream had whimsical satyrs running around the castle during a meeting with the elders. And fairies were casting spells on some people, turning them into munchkins or giving them powers.

The people who got powers chose sides, good or bad, and they fought to the death. It was gruesome, but you couldn’t deny that it was highly amusing.

The munchkins were running around screaming, “Dorothy saved us from the wicked witch of the west! She saved us!”

I got to fall into movie screens and book, meeting my favorite characters from old classics and new stories! Such as Alice in Wonderland, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast.  Esmeralda from The Frog prince series, and things like that.

Sadly, when I woke up, I didn’t remember any of it.                       

I woke up just in time for dinner, and we were having fish and shrimp and lobster. It was heavenly, well, the fish and shrimp were, but the lobster was just nasty. My mom forced me to eat it.

“So, Ayvona, what all did you do all day?” My mother asked. She was a fairly short woman with blond hair, and glowing green eyes, the opposite of my father, who was tall and had black hair with brown eyes. I took after my mother’s eyes and father’s hair. I was tall enough to be able to reach the top shelf, but not all enough to reach it without standing on my tippy toes.

“I visited grandma again.” My mom rolled her eyes. “I also visited my horse, Nutella, and I went to a show!”

My mom then asked my father, whose name is Richard. “There was a boy that Ayvona brought here,” he started. “He was the prince of Rosany, and he was trespassing on our land! Can you believe his father? That buffoon.” My dad grumbled.

“Now, Richard, we don’t call people those names, no matter how unearthly they are.” My mom told him.

But he continued on as if she said nothing, “And he, that boy, thought he had the right to stay silent! He, a trespasser, thought that he, a prince of our enemies, wouldn’t have to answer questions! So Ayvona, dear, had to think of something.” HE looked at me, smiling until he looked away and put a stern face back on.

“Honey, don’t call them our enemies! They aren’t, and you know it! We just aren’t as well acquainted with them as we are with Pelsivia!”

“Whatever.” My father said. Wow, he surely was in a mood. Stephen coming must have made him furious if he was saying ‘whatever’.

He stood up, and he went to his bed with nothing else to say.

            “Richard! You get your-“My mother stood up and barged after him leaving me alone.

            Wow. After only one day and this happens. And just think! The masquerade is supposedly a month and two weeks from now! This is just peachy.

            I left my dishes at my seat after I finished eating my grilled shrimp, and I just went to my room to change into my pajamas. I brushed my teeth, and the next thing you knew, I was lying down on my bed, as dead as a log.

            In my state of unconsciousness, I even knew that along the way, everything would change, and a lot of things would go wrong. To be put bluntly. It would be chaos.


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