Fateful Agreement

Ayvona and Stephen. Stephen and Ayvona. IT doesn't have that much of a ring to it, and that's what the pair think. Being royalty of two enemy nations is a lot to handle.

In a wicked plot, Stephen snoops through Callinda in search of something. When he's caught by Ayvona, who is resting in a forest at the time, he's forced to go with her and surrender.

He figures out a lie, and if anything, it was a mistake. He soon learns that.

Ayvona knows the truth about him that everyone else is just so blind to see. While he looks like a nice, sweet boy to all townspeople and nobles, he's really just a jerk.


1. Chapter One

I know that mother told me to go out today and find a random guy that would be suitable for marriage, but I just didn’t want to go boy hunting. I was barely seventeen and a day old!

So instead I went to my hideout on the opposite side of the forest (the side facing the beach). I had named it my toadstool because of all the toads in it. There were big ones, small ones, curvy ones, and somewhat straight ones. I sighed as I took it all in. I had found it when I was around eight and somehow it still never ceases to just amaze me and take the breath away from me. 

I had sat down on a big rock when I saw someone who couldn’t be a day older than nineteen, and yet, he was wearing a suit and glasses. Yes, you heard me correctly. He was wearing a suit and glasses in a place with trees that could tear them, animals that could chew on them, where his glasses could get scratched or fogged up multiple times.

“Hello misses.” He bowed and continues, “I the prince of Rosany, which island that, is east of here, and my name is Stephen.” I stifled a giggle.

“Who may I have the pleasure of meeting in this beautiful forest?” He questioned.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I was shaking with silent laughter as I could see feel him stare at me with wondering eyes.

“I am Princess Ayvona Rose; I am sorta sorry about my laughing.” Not. “It’s just you are acting so proper. Gosh, I don’t know the last time I was proper.”

“It is fine and I hope that it is okay that my father has sent me to scout through your land.” Say what now?

“You have been trespassing on my father’s land and you think that I’m okay with it? Well, I kinda am, but my father and mother wouldn’t be.” Oh, he was in true trouble. Because I didn’t have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to know that father doesn’t like trespassers. I grinned evilly.

“Oh, no thank you. I’d rather not bother your family.” He trailed off.

“You have bothered me by your presence. Do you realize that this is my alone time, and do I look like I am alone?” He wouldn’t say a thing so I finished, “I could just call the guard and well, your dad owns tons of land, and you obviously know what he does to trespassers, right?

He obviously knew what I was talking about because he soon (quickly, might I add) let me take him to the castle royal tea room.

“So, I see you’ve trespassed in my land.” My father stated simply.

“Yes sir, I have and it is for reasons that are confidential within Rosany’s nobles. I am sorry if you want to know why, but I cannot tell you.” Stephen replied.

“Oh, but you see here, boy. Right now I have the upper hand, and you are on my land.” The King showed him a duplicate of the law before asking him, “So speak or die.” And anyways confidentiality contracts are neither binding nor legal here unless they have been signed by my father, in which case, it’s not.

“My father has planned on various events and I am not sure of them.” He started frantically, ha, someone doesn’t want to die, and “I do know for sure one is a masquerade. He wanted to see some of your land and see if it compared in ranks to his.”

There was a silence and I decided to put in my ideas while I could.

“Daddy, if Stephen invites us to the masquerade he could be my date and it would all work out, as long as he also told us the other reasons why.” I trailed off. See? My ideas are off the chain. I think we all know that, am I right or right?

My dad agreed after about two minutes of thinking, and so did Stephen even if he had no say in it whatsoever).

After a few more minutes we sent Stephen toward the beach with a guard to accompany him. (Dad said it was to make sure that he got there and didn’t look throughout the rest of the island. I believe it was just because of all the treasure we have hidden. If he found it, it would be the end of this life.)

“Honey, are you really going to be that boy’s date?” My dad asked.

“If that’s what you want to call it. I’ll mainly just be spying and taking notes on him because I can probably learn his secrets and make sure he stays far away from our fields.” I returned.

I really hope this works. If it doesn’t, I, Princess Ayvona Thaliana Rose Faire-Knight of Callinda, always have another plan.


                The next morning I woke up to the sound of the pesky birds cawing in the wind with their evil little bird voices. The first thing I did was put on my pink skirt and white shirt with my jean jacket. I wrote a note to all the maids that I didn’t want my bed fixed up yet, and that I didn’t care if they even straightened up in there.

            When I got my pin I pinned it to the board on my door. I then walked, no, skipped, to the kitchen where Carlos, the chef, was making the breakfast usual. (Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Hash browns, et cetera, et cetera.)

            “Hi, Carlos! Are you almost done with breakfast? I need to go over to my grandmothers cottage, and you know how far that it!” I said/shouted.

            “Yes, Ayvona, I am almost done with the food. Don’t worry because there isn’t a fire, your grandmother will be there when you get there.” He shouted back at me from the refrigerator.

            I skipped over to where he was, and I tapped on his shoulder softly, “Hurry! I don’t care if she will or won’t be there! I need to go now!” I whined, and don’t worry, I could tell I was being extremely annoying. I wasn’t that oblivious to things.

            When Carlos finished I had him put my food in a plastic container and put it in a bag. While I made my way out, I got some brownies and sugar for her like she asked for the last time I visited her, which was last week. '


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