Little Things; A Harry Styles Fanfic

Meet Kristen McMillin. She is at her breaking point when she finds the one person that might save her. He picks her up when she is giving upbut will Kirsten let him? STAY TUNED<3


1. I'm Ready

"Kirsten! Get down here!" My mom called from downstairs. Well my step mom. My dad died when I was eight in a car crash. And Carla owned me. She did whatever she could to make me miserable. "What did I tell you about the floors being clean when I get home?" she said and slapped me right across the face. I fell to the ground but didnt shed a single tear. She already knew she hurt me bad enough. She walked away and I grabbed a huge mop and a bucket. She doesnt let me use anything else. I grabbed the cleaner and squeezed some out onto the floor. "OWW!"I said in pain. The chemicals hit my fresh cuts from last night on my wrist. A tear escaped my eye and I just continued mopping to get done. I finished and and went to get my keys and left the house. I couldnt take it anymore. This was it. I was done and I was ready. I didnt want to feel this pain anymore from everyone around me. I had no one that loved me and I was ready to be free. I drove to my favorite get away. The top of the building my dad used to work at. I sat on the roof and thought about everything in my life. Nothing. I stepped on the ledge and took a breath. I started to lean foward when I heard someone yell "STOP!" and they wrapped their arms around me pulling me off the ledge.

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