Kiss You

Caiti has a crush on her best friend Harry.Yes,before you ask he is Harry Styles from One Direction.Harry goes on tour and leaves her behind.Caiti coukdn`t stop thinking about him.When Caiti`s parents get in an accident and die.She has no one left.She was an only child and doesn`t have any aunts or uncles.When she is forced to move alone she REALLY can`t wait for harry to come home ,but when he does will he remember her?read to find out.


2. Gone

"I`m going on tour."             WHAT?Inever knew four simple words could hurt someone so much."Oh umm that`s cool.I guess."                    WHAT?WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT? MY BEST FRIEND IS GOING ON TOUR AND I JUST SAY  "Ohh umm that`s cool."I`M soooooooooo stupid.I can see why some people hate me cause right now  I hate myself. i wonder what he`s gonna say now.                                                                                                                                    OMG he hates me he`s just staying silent not even moving.Oh no what did I do.yeah he defenitly hates me now.Seriously why would I say that?Ooo i think he`s gonna say something."umm okay well umm I have to go then"he said.He started to walk away.Oh god I defenitly blew it.'Wait Harry I was just upset and i didn`t know what to say."i said.he walked back and hugged me."so when are you leaving?"i asked."tommorow." he said.i started crying.So did he.we just stood there hugging and crying."how long are you gonna be gone?"   "three months."he said pulling me closer."how about if I walk you home now?It`s getting dark."he said.================================================================When we got to my house I told him to come inside.My parents were gone."Where are your parents?he asked."I don`t know."i said.We sat down and watched tv for about an hour."I should probably go."he said.we stood there hugging and crying.AGAIN.we looked at eachother one last time and harry walked towards the door."Harry wait."he stopped and looked at me."I love you,"i said.we just stared at eachother and then he kissed me.HARRY JUST KISSED ME!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."So what now?he asked.i just shrugged.'I guess we`re dating now."he said.we both smiled and he left.======Sorry it`s boring ikr

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