Kiss You

Caiti has a crush on her best friend Harry.Yes,before you ask he is Harry Styles from One Direction.Harry goes on tour and leaves her behind.Caiti coukdn`t stop thinking about him.When Caiti`s parents get in an accident and die.She has no one left.She was an only child and doesn`t have any aunts or uncles.When she is forced to move alone she REALLY can`t wait for harry to come home ,but when he does will he remember her?read to find out.


1. intro

My name is Caiti.My best friend is Harry Styles.Yes,from One Direction.I have Curly brown hair and green eyes like Harry.Weird, I know right.I have had a crush on him since we were in 5th grade.Were in 12th grade now.He`s  18 and i`m 17.Almost birthday is december 1st.we`ve known eachother since I was 5.He was 6.I`m actually considered one of the popular girls.I don`t even know half of the people in my contacts list.I know that`s weird too.well , bye.

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