Where Have You Been All My Life?!?!

Kamila has lived her whole life with a question wavering over her head. She has been living her whole life without a dad not knowing anything about him; whether he left her, was forced to leave, in jail, or even worse dead. What happens when her mom is dead and the person she is forced to live with is her dad... Someone named Paul. Kamila doesn't want to live with this unknown stranger so she tries to fight obstacles and avoid him but seems to find him in the most unexpected places. What happens when she is led to the biggest boy band in the world? and they already know her...???


1. The Question..


I have lived my whole life with a question wavering over my head. A question that has been un answered for the 17 years i have lived with my mom in our small countryside house. I didn't know a thing about my dad... I didn't even know why he left my mom and I; or even what he looked like. Girls would come to school day after day telling stories about there dad while i sat in the corner thinking... thinking of all the possible characteristics of my unknown dad.

A normal day for me was to walk to school bright and early in the morning after eating a marvelous breakfast made by my mom before she headed off to dental school. Then in class i would normally fan girl or look up the newest rumors going around about one direction. At lunch i would sit in a corner of the cafeteria eating alone with headphones in my ears listening to music. Then in the afternoon i would either doze off in class or fail the test we were given that i never studied for. After my dreadful days at school i would walk home and call my cousin Charlee and just talk hours on end. We would talk about the randomest things, just things that best friends talk about... Charlee is and always will be my only friend; no one ever liked me or got me the same way Charlee does. After my long friendly conversations with Charlee I would help my mom set up and make dinner; then we would enjoy our meal will laughs and giggles. Later at night would enjoy more quality time with my mom either watching meaningful films, comedies, or terrible films we make fun of the whole time. Sometimes we would play games together and i occasionally do my homework (that was rarely though). Those were my days every day, the same routines over and over again; but somewhere through out every day i managed to get the question about my dad. I thought about him every day but the same conclusion came every day... no answers.







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