Where Have You Been All My Life?!?!

Kamila has lived her whole life with a question wavering over her head. She has been living her whole life without a dad not knowing anything about him; whether he left her, was forced to leave, in jail, or even worse dead. What happens when her mom is dead and the person she is forced to live with is her dad... Someone named Paul. Kamila doesn't want to live with this unknown stranger so she tries to fight obstacles and avoid him but seems to find him in the most unexpected places. What happens when she is led to the biggest boy band in the world? and they already know her...???


2. The Fight That Ruined It All...

Mom's POV (Teresa)-

It was  17 years ago when everything happened. I was in love with my high school sweetheart and he just left me. 


I was 19 years old and living in a small apartment with Paul who had been my boyfriend throughout high school. We were that couple that the whole school knew about and the couple that everyone thought were so perfect and cute together. But little did anyone know; behind that 'perfect couple' look there were secrets and fights. 

The first few years went great, Paul and I loved each other more than anyone could ever explain in words; we did absolutely everything together, and I wouldn't take one second of that away. 

As our relationship progressed and Paul got a job that was just the beginning of our problems...


"Your always leaving me to go off with some new famous celebrity to be there body guard Paul! You are never here; your always off in foreign countries!" I yelled at Paul in furry just rambling on and on.

"Someone has to get money around her!" Paul said back sassy. 

I was so starstuck at his response, I wasn't expecting it at all. 

"Well maybe you should do it a different way, because being a body guard isn't really working out. Your never home and I never get to see you." I announced to paul with tears in my eyes trying to just calm down. 

"You just don't get it do you." Paul said turning around throwing his arms up into the air, pacing back and forth. 

"Obviously not." I announced back bluntly, uncertain of what I was supposed to know.

Paul was packing all his belongings into a duffle bag he found laying in the closet. I couldn't hold my anger in any more, he was giving up and just packing his bags... leaving me alone... yet again.

"Pack all of it! Because your never coming back! Its not like it'll be any different, your never here anyways!" I yelled with tears streaming down my face. Paul didn't even look back, he was just frozen as he held his t-shirt tightly in a ball. 

I ran down the stairs slamming the bed room door as hard as i could, running straight onto the couch into a ball just sobbing into a pillow. All i could think about was "I just ended our relationship...forever... and i was never going to see the love of my life ever again..." but deep inside i knew it was the right thing. Deep inside me i was telling myself "Its all for the better." 

About 20 minutes Paul came down the stairs lugging two duffle bags on his shoulders. His eyes were puffy and blood shot; you could tell he was just crying, and i probably looked the exact same as him or even worse. 

Paul walked towards the front door and opened it turning back to face me, "So I guess this is it..." Paul said sniffling. "bye Teresa."

(End of flashback)

Those were the last words i heard from Paul. And little did either of us know was during that whole fight we had, there was a beautiful little girl inside of me. 

Paul probably went off to work with another celebrity while I was alone dealing with pregnancy hormones. But i couldn't complain; I was the one who let Paul walk out on me. 

Now... Paul was living his dream with the hottest boy band in the world probably not even remembering who i was; while i am enjoying my life with OUR beautiful daughter that Paul didn't even know about.




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