If Only You Open the Lock

This poem speaks for itself, and makes you think a little. Enjoy, and even if you don't like this one check out a few of my other Movellas. Especially the first 2.


1. If Only You Open the Lock

One little key that could change so much.
Cold in my hand drawing the heat from my skin.
Big and clunky in my small hand.
It could fit easily in the small door in the living room we hardly ever use.
It could take me to another world.
Or a forbidden and secret garden.
It could be a key to vault filled with fortune and riches.
A key to my heart.
My future.
My possessions.
A key to anything so sacred you must lock it up and close it tight, being more satisfied with the fact that it is safe than enjoying it instead.
A key to sugar and spice and everything nice.
If only you open the lock.
But I can’t and I won’t.
I feel like Mary and her secret garden.
She disobeyed
Or Lucy in Narnia.
She disobeyed.
Or Coroline with the door.
She disobeyed.
And it was all happily ever after for them.
Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Ariel’s key to her treasures.
Bell’s key to the rose.
Aurora’s key to the spinning room.
Just one little key to one little box.
Curiosity overpowers morals.

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