The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


5. Niall

    The smell of eggs and rashers wafting into Niall's bedroom was his alarm clock.  He sat up and rubbed his eyes, shaking away the sleep.  It was a Monday, which meant there was school, which made Niall, only six, excited.  He hopped out of his bed and kicked off his fluffy green slippers and pulled open his drawer.  A bright orange t shirt caught his eye.  He pulled it out and replaced his pajama shirt with the orange tee.  He grabbed a pair of gray converse, the kind without the laces since Niall was still a bit rusty at tying shoes. 

    "Niall, come down now and I'll let you have an extra rasher before dad finds out!"

    It was his mother calling from the kitchen.  He dashed down the stairway to see a ceramic white plate topped with his favorite breakfast foods waiting for him at his seat.

    "Are you excited for another school day?" Niall's mother asked him.

    "Yup!  Mrs. Brady says that I'm only one perfect day away from being the first kid in the whole first grade to get a ticket!  And when you get five tickets, you get a prize!  Blake says he'll be the first 'cause he only has two days left but I just know that today is going to be a perfect behavior day for me!" Niall beamed and smiled with his pearl white, slightly crooked front teeth that he still hadn't lost.  He didn't mind that he was one of the few first graders who hadn't lost any teeth.  The whole "teeth falling out" thing frightened him to be honest.  I mean, didn't only old people loose their teeth?

    "It looks like it's raining outside, go grab your jacket, the black one." His mom said to him while staring out the rain splattered window.

    "But mum, the black one doesn't fit me anymore, can't I wear my green one?" Niall whined.

    "Niall you know the green one is for sunny days!  It protects you from the cold but the rain soaks right through it!" Mrs. Horan scolded.

    Niall ran to the kitchen and grabbed his black rain coat of the rack of colorful jackets.  He stared longingly at the bright, vibrant green fleece sweat shirt, just waiting to be worn!  After a minute or so, he stood on his tippy toes, grabbed the jacket, and stuffed it inside his shirt.

    "Niall, what do you have in your shirt?" His mom looked at him suspiciously.

    "Nothing mum, just my tummy!" He waited until she turned around to stuff the jacket into his backpack.

    "You know honey, since your birthday is coming up in a few days I was wondering what you want." Mrs. Horan looked at her son.

    "Well, the only thing I really really want is the prize from school but I don't even know what it is!" Niall exclaimed, gesturing with his hands how insane he was.

    "Alright then, why don't you just wait and see!" His mother said cheerfully, "Now put on your rain coat and lets get you to school!"

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