The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


7. Liam

    The walls of Miss Baker's classroom were the color of chewed up broccoli.  Though, you couldn't really blame Miss Baker since she was as good as blind.  She was 82 years old, and her senses were dulled and all worn out, along with her memory, which had apparently reached its full capacity.  Liam wished Zayn and him weren't in different classes, it would make school a lot livelier.  Zayn was lucky.  He got Miss Williams, who was young, pretty, and didn't stink of mothballs and cat excrement.  Miss Williams was bubbly, and active.  She was the kind of teacher that roamed the classroom as she spoke, asking the class perplexing questions as they surfed through lessons and starting conversations that could last hours and hours about the mysteries of Science.  Everyone loved Miss Williams, more than Mrs. Mason and Miss Baker at least.  Mrs. Mason was strict and stern, and liked everything organized and in alphabetical order.  She makes you color code your pencils and likes to keep a pencil behind one ear and a pen behind the other, though she ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS uses the pen.  And the funny thing is, she NEVER messes up.

    Liam took his seat at the desk in the back corner of the room.  He kicked away a dust bunny at the foot of his desk. 

    "Alright class, it is time to take attendance, and please say here instead of just raising your hand."



    "Allen?  No?"


    "Oh, alright, speak a little louder next time!"





    And so on it went, until finally...



     "Absent again!  I wonder if he's sick."

    "No, I'm here."

    Miss Baker kept on rolling through the list of student and my the time she reached Wilkinson, Liam was boiling mad.

    "Miss Baker!"

    "What? Who?"

    "I'm here!" Liam called.

    "Okay Bernard sweetie."


    "Um, this is Liam." Liam stressed.

    "That's silly Liam is absent." Miss Baker didn't look up from her papers.

    Bernard, who was a thug of a first grader and sat three desks away from Liam snickered into his palm.  Miss Baker turned around with a start.

    "Liam!" She gasped, "How dare you fake being absent!  Trying to pull a trick on your old teacher huh?  Well, 10 minutes in the time out chair for you!" She pointed her crooked witch like finger towards a poo colored love seat in the back of the room, caked with dust and spilling out stuffing from the claw scratches her cats had left.


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