The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


2. Liam

    "Liam, come out, come out wherever you are..."

    Liam covered his little mouth with his tiny hand to suppress a giggle.  His mom would never find him in time for school!  He had crammed himself into the slim gap between the wall and the couch and he was listening to his mom look for him throughout the entire house!

    "Hmmmm, I wonder where Liam could be..."

    "You'll never find meeeeee!" Liam teased from his hiding spot.  His mom had always been an exceptionally horrid hide and seek player for some odd reason. 

    Suddenly, Liam felt a tickle in his nose.  He was going to sneeze!  He covered his nose but it was no use.


   " Oh, I wonder what that was?  A sneeze, perhaps?"

   Oh great, it's all over now!  Liam muttered under his breathe.

   "It sounded like it was coming from the couch..." Liam's mother slowly walked over to the couch.  She lifted up the couch cushions, "Not in there!" She teased.

    Liam let out a laugh.

    "Ah ha!" Mrs. Payne peeked behind the couch, "Come on now Liam, it's time to get ready for school!  Don't you wanna go see your friends?"

    "No!  I mean, I can't go to school mum, I'm sick, er, cough, cough, see?" Liam gave a few measly coughs and a weak moan.

    "Sorry honey, but you have to go to school, it's the law!  You don't want to go to jail, do you?"

    Liam gave a yelp and ran to his bedroom.  He yanked on a pair of black sweat pants and a plain white t shirt.  He pulled on his pair of bright red converse he'd received for Christmas the year before.  They pinched his toes and he had asked his mom numerous times for a new, crisp black pair for this Christmas!

    "I'm almost ready mum!" He called down the stairs.

    "Well, you'd better hurry up if you want pancakes!"


   "Oh boy!" Liam rushed down the stairs and plopped down at the table.  His mom handed him a plate of delicious golden pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

    "Delicious!" Liam cooed.

    "Well, make sure you don't take too long eating or you won't be able to finish them!"

    Liam stuffed an entire pancake into his first grader sized mouth.  A car horn sounded from outside.

    "That sounds like Mrs. Malik is here to pick you up!" Mrs. Payne kissed Liam on the cheek and waved goodbye to him as he skipped out the door.

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