The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


6. Harry

    The door to Ontario Public School was wide open.  It looked to Harry like a large mouth, just waiting for students to walk into its open jaws so it could swallow them up.  He cringed at the thought of him walking through the doors and being encased in darkness.  On second thought... He turned around and started heading back towards the safety of his mom's car.

    "Where do you think you're going?"

    Harry's mother held out a hand to stop him, "Turn around Harry."

    Harry stomped up the stairs to the doors.  He looked back at his mom who was smiling and waving.  He made a lame attempt to roll his eyes, a skill he hadn't quite mastered yet, and made his way to the school.  There was still a large sign hanging above the doors soaked and covered mold from all the times it had been rained on since the first day of school that read, "Welcome Kindergarteners!" in bold lettering.  Harry remembered when he had been a kindergartener, only staying for half the school day, taking naps, playing games, having no real punishment inflicted upon him.  Now, as a first grader, there were advantages and disadvantages.  He loved the way the tiny kindergarteners looked at him like he was an adult, with their wide eyes and baby teeth!  But, there were more bad things than good.  In the first grade, he was forced to stay the whole school day every single one of the 180 total days, napping was considered "rude," the games they played all had something to do with spelling, and a mistake resulted in 10 minutes in the time out chair.  Perhaps though, not every first grade class was like this, only Mrs. Mason's. 

    As Harry entered the old brick school, he smelled the classic stench of cafeteria food mixed with the stink of his principal's signature rosemary and tomato perfume.  He pinched his nose and sped walk down the hallway.

   "No running!"

   It was Mrs. Davies, who had been casually hiding behind the custodian cart waiting for a child to slip up so she could spring on them like a lion waiting for dinner to wander by.  Harry slowed to a walk and looked down at his feet.

    "Sorry ma'am" Harry mumbled.

    Harry approached Room 8, Mrs. Mason's class, with caution.  He walked in dragging his feet across the ABC rug as he made his way to his cubby.

    "Mr. Styles pick up your feet!" Mrs. Mason scolded without looking up from her book on the history of algebra equations.

    Harry moaned and swung his back pack off his back.  It hit the ground with a thump.  After hanging up the backpack on the shiny metal hook he walked over to his desk and sat down next his friend James.

   "Guess what!" He whispered softly.

   "What?!?" James squeaked a little too loud.  They ignored the stern glance from Mrs. Mason.

    "Just look!"  Harry poked his finger around in his mouth until he found his wiggly bottom tooth.  He moved it back and forth for James to see.

    "Brilliant!" James marveled.

    "James, Harry, time out chair, NOW!" Mrs. Mason snapped.

    Harry heaved a long sigh and headed for the splintering wooden chair in the corner of the room.



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