Suddenly being picked to be on the Latin dance team with Diego was not what she had in planned and being in a band.


1. I Wonder


"Thank you everyone for coming here today" the principal said. We were in 5th block when he called everyone to the main gym. I sat with my 2 best friends Mia and Lupita.

"I wonder what he wants" I said Turing back looking at him.

"May I have the Latin Dance team please step Down." I waved Mia at Lupita as they left. They were both dancers. They wanted me to join but I get nervous in front of everyone. I looked down at them. There was about 16 people in The team.

"Hahaha look at her sitting their like a loser" I knew who that voice was. Why can't he leave me alone. You might be wondering who that is. That guy is Diego Bustamante. Weird name I know. He's been bothering me since I can remember. I'll tell you the story later

"I want to say I'm proud of this dance team. Accepting any race to join. Here you don't see only Hispanic but also American people. So I have the honor to say that you all have been accepted on the Latin world competition" I jumped up screaming I was so happy for them. Everyone else did the same as I did. Cheering. " the competition is in El Salvador. Yea they accepted you but you need 2 more people a boy and a boy."

"WE KNOW A GIRL THAT CAN REALLY DANCE." the whole team yelled. Please no don't say it. I started to leave quietly.

"Well who is it" he said

"Roberta Pardo" they all said. I suddenly felt arms around my waist. Pulling me to where the principal is.

" Great she is an exalent dancer. Now we need a boy. I have all the boy names in the school. Roberta why don't you do the honor of saying the chosen name."


"ummm...Ok" I said putting my hand into the hat. I grabbed one from the bottom. I Opend the paper. I can't Belive this. I huged Miguel,One of the dancers. Lupita y Mia huged me.

"Gracias and the name is Diego Bustamante."


So what do you think of this one. Please read my other stories. I think I'm Going to put the others on hold. Or if I get enough votes and comments I'll continue.

Sorry that this chapter is short :( but the other are going to be long.

Anyway how are you liking this.  





Ok so I'm going to use the cast from Rebelde :) love that show so much  

I think I'll add some of there songs but there in spanish idk yet

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