Change Starts Now

When Lauren Felder finds her way to success, what happens when one boy changes her life and it makes her loose everything


3. Boot Camp(Short, just wanted to update for yall)

Chapter 2

       I woke feeling like p-diddy. Scratch that, I felt like I was on cloud 9! Today, I was going to boot camp! I was practicing my song all night, and now it's time! "Come on babe!" My boyfriend, Patrick, said trying to get me to take a shower. "Oh fine" I finally gave in, I stripped off my cloths, and went into the shower. I ran down the hot water on me, I did the usual, put shampoo, wash, conditioner, wash, soap, wash. I turned the water off, got my towel, put it on me, and went outside of the shower. I dried my hair with my blow dryer that I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.

        I went into my room to pick out what I wanted to wear, I eyed all the cloths, and finally decided on a summer dress, a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off on top, and some cowboys. My signature look, I straighten my wavy hair, and put it in a beautiful style. "Can we go now?" Patrick called from downstairs, "Yes!" I said, "just let me get my purse". I got my purse, and slipped my phone in.

      -1 hour later-

        I was literally bouncing up and down on my seat! "We're here!" I screeched, "calm down, babe!" Patrick patiently said trying to make a turn. BEEP! "Hey! Is this guy friggin' blind?" Patrick screamed at him. I laughed at his stupidly ways, Pat finally parked the car, and I ran inside beside CeCe, and Paige."Okay everyone settle down!" Simon called, we all shut up, as Demi called the first line. "Lauren?" I took a deep breath, here it goes.

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