I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


3. Stripes & Strangers

A striped creature with a long tail, fiery yellow eyes, and sharp claws on each of it's huge paws. This large giant cat came closer and closer to Jennifer. She backed up saying "whu-what are you?" The creature purred with pleasure saying in a low manly voice "I'm a Tiger. In other words, your worst nightmare honey". The tiger kept coming closer. He never backed off. He walked right up to Jennifer until she was up against a tree. "please don't hurt me" Jennifer whined in terror. The tiger growled making her flinch as he laughed at her reaction. He said "Oh I'm not only going to hurt you. I'm going to have you for my dinner". He leapt at her, grasping her by the throat. Jennifer yelped out for help. She desperately tried to scrabble at the ground to get to her feet so she could get away. The tiger held her down with his front paws, as he tightened his jaws harder round her neck. She couldn't breath as he blocked of her wind pipes. She gasped desperately trying to escape his clutches. The tiger slashed out at her side, leaving three deep gashes. He stamped down hard on her back right leg braking it as she winced in agony. She began to fade in and out of consciousness. Incapable of breathing she became motionless.

A big wolf suddenly came from nowhere, flying at the tiger like an eagle soaring down from the heavens. The tiger fell onto it's side as the wolf savagely ripped at his side. The tiger managed to fight the wolf off and get up, ready to face his attacker. He purred before saying "this will be easy". The wolf said in a husky voice "you wanna bet!" They then ended up in deadly combat. Only one would make it out alive. They fought on for a few minutes before the tiger managed to knock the wolf off guard. The wolf fell onto it's side and the tiger got on top, holding him down with his paws. "how much were you betting? Not enough to save your little life!" The tiger was about to kill the wolf when Jennifer's dad ran to the rescue. He knocked the tiger off of the stranger and ripped at the tiger's ear savagely. The tiger cried out roaring in pain. The tiger knocked Ben off and retreated into the bushes as the stranger was getting up. The tiger had no chance against two wolves. He had no choice but to run to safety. The two wolves stood side by side. They both were looking at the same thing...Jennifer lay on her side, mouth open wide as if still yelping in pain. Her eyes closed. She lay there, doing nothing. Completely motionless. Lifeless.

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