I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


4. Stranger In My Room

Jennifers dad stood a bit taller than the stranger. But the stranger was better built for combat. They were both cocking their heads from side to side, looking at Jennifer with a whimper of worry. The stranger stood back as Jennifers farther edged slowly forward to access the situation. He was dreading what might happen next. He was now towering over his daughter. She just lay there. It did not paint a pretty picture. Ben lowered his head to her side and began sniffing and nudging her while whining. The stranger bowed his head sadly. A lone magpie flew overhead, crying out with sorrow. Suddenly the stranger noticed Jennifers ear twitch slightly. Her front left paw began to twitch also. The stranger stepped forward to be beside the farther. Jennifers dad sniffed around his daughters muzzle. He ruffled the fur on her neck and nudged her ear, causing it to twitch again.

Ben said cheerfully "she's ok! Can you beleive it!?" The stranger happily said "I sure can". Ben tried to slide his way under his daughter. The stranger said "do you want me to carry her back to your den for you?" The farther said "no that's alright. I can do it myself". He tried again but failed to lift her. His old bones could not take the weight. Before Ben could say no again, the stranger gently pushed him aside giving him an assuring stare, he then wiggled his way under Jennifer's limp figure, and pushed up with a shudder, onto his stronger muscular legs. He stood looking at Ben who looked a little displeased to be helped by someone younger than him. The stranger said "so... Where to?" Ben said with a huff "ugh! Just follow me if you must". The stranger said crossly "look dude! What is your problem?! I just pretty much saved your daughters life by holding off that big mean tiger! I am only offering to help you carry her home seeing as you can't!" Ben growled as he attempted to hold in his anger. "Just you remember boy that if I hadn't of stepped in, that tiger would have made a meal of you, as well as my darling daughter!" The stranger said "thank you... But all I wanna do is help you, and get this lovely young lady home and safe". Ben smiled at the way the stranger seemed to care.

"What's your name son?" Ben said as he began to calm down, trusting the stranger a little more. The stranger looked up at Ben saying proudly "the names Jake, and I come from a long way from here". "Look I only asked your name... I didn't want your life story as well". Ben said sternly. "Hah I'm sorry. Guess you could say your barks worse than your bite!" laughed Jake. "Shall we test your theory mate!" Ben snarled sarcastically before letting out a short, yet very serious laugh. Jake shuddered as if scared and said nervously before laughing again "on no! Anything but that!" The two wolves seemed to be getting used to one anothers company as they journeyed to Ben's den. When they finally arrived at the underground hole dug under a huge old oak tree, Ben turned to Jake and said politely "look, seeing as you have done so much for me, and you did help in the saving of my own flesh and blood". He paused for a second as Jake said "yes..." Ben continued with a stern voice "well I think you had better come in for a while if your not busy, or got family to run off to. My daughter would love to thank you when she awakes". Jake looked down at the ground saying "uh... I'd love to come in, seeing as I have no family to return to. That's why I'm so far from home actually".

Ben looked down at the floor with a look of guilt on his face. "I'm so sorry, me and my big mouth". Jake sighed and said "no it's fine, you didn't know". Ben said in a soft tone "if you don't mind me asking, what happened?" Jake sighed once more and said with an angry look on his face "hunters". Ben decided to change the subject as the wind began to blow hard and he could see the pain in Jakes eyes. "Well I think we had better get the young lady inside so we can attend to anything that needs doing". Jake nodded in agreement as he slowly followed behind Ben into the underground den. It was very dark in there, but wolves having such good eyesight, they didn't really care or realize. "Follow me to this bed over there". Jake obeyed Ben as he walked over to a pile of leaves and pits of forest made into a comfy bed to sleep on. Jake gently put Jennifer onto the bed of leaves. She gave a slight yelp of discomfort, before going silent once more, still fast asleep. Ben turned to Jake and said in a voice of leadership "I am going to go and find some food for when she awakes. I am trusting you to look after her while I'm gone. And I warn you now... If anything should happen to her. I'll have your neck for it!" Jake gulped and said "ok, ok! Don't bite my head off! Sheesh!" "Oh I would!" Ben said as he sculked out of the den's entrance, leaving Jake alone with the unconscious Jennifer.

A few minutes after Ben had left Jake alone with Jennifer, she began to awaken. She was moaning out saying "Dad! Where are you!" Jake looked up from where he was led. He got up, walking towards her slowly. "Your dad has gone out to get something to eat". Jennifer freaked out slightly and said "who the hell are you, and what are you doing in our den!" Jake said in a soothing voice "It's ok. Your dad let me come in". Jennifer looked like she didn't believe him. Jake continued to explain in order to put her at ease. "You were out in the woods when a huge tiger attacked you. I came to your rescue along with your dad and then we brought you home. Your dad told me to watch over you till he gets back with some food". Jennifer said nothing for a moment as she took a moment to process all this new information. She moved to get up as Jake said "don't get up yet". She winced in pain as she collapsed back down again. "Your dad says you need your rest after that nasty attack".


Jennifer groaned with pain as she said aloud "my leg!" Jake said seriously "your back right leg has a nasty break, you don't want to be putting any pressure on it for a while..." Jennifer sighed as she looked down at the three deep gashes down her side. "You weren't lying..." Jennifer said in disbelief as she continued with "I'm lucky to be alive..." Jake just nodded as he said slowly "why would I lie?" Jennifer just coolly said "I don't know you, why wouldn't you lie to me?" Jake raised an eyebrow then smiled as he said "fair point, I'm assuming you'd like to know a bit about me... For right now we are strangers..." Jennifer said with a slight laugh "it would be nice to find out a bit about my rescuer". Jake said with a laugh back "I didn't do it alone, I just knocked the tiger away from you, and then helped your dad carry you home... If anything, your dad saved my life while I was trying to save yours". Jennifer said seriously as she rubbed her throat which ached from  the attack "yes... But if you hadn't of knocked that tiger off of me when you did, I would have probably been dead by the time my father got there..."


Jake just nodded and then changed the subject as he said sternly "out of interest, what were you doing alone in the forest...?" Jennifer sighed and said regretfully "I snuck off when I shouldn't have, I'm surprised my dad knew where I was..." Jake shook his head and said seriously "you should never run off without telling the pack where you are". Jennifer said sadly "it's hardly a pack, being just me and my dad..." Jake raised his ears and said with interest "what about your mum? Aren't there any other pack members out hunting, or any other siblings?" Jennifer sighed again as she said slowly feeling saddened "my mum left when I was only a few weeks old, and never returned. It was only ever me, my mum, and my dad, food was once scarce, and starvation took my brothers and sisters before my mum fled... We never had any other pack members, it was always just a single family..." Jake hung his head down and said slowly "I'm sorry to hear that... That must have been awful..." Jennifer said slowly "It's okay... I'm used to it now, I don't mind the fact it's just me and my dad..."


Silence fell for a moment, before Jennifer decided to speak up again with wonder. "What about you?" Jake replied with "what about me?" Jennifer said with interest "have you got a pack you belong to? Were you out hunting when you came across me in trouble?" Jake said sorrowfully "no... I've always been a lone wolf once man took my mother and father when I was really young... I was rejected by the other pack members because they thought I was too weak to make the journey to a newer land where man didn't dare to roam... They left me alone to die, and I've been wandering alone in these woods ever since..." Jennifer said softly "I'm sorry to hear that... At least I have my father, but you... You've got nobody..." Jake sighed and said seriously "It's okay, don't be sorry. I'm used to it by now, and being a lone wolf is all I know now..." Jennifer said sweetly "well... Your not alone now..." Jake perked his ears at her words as he said slightly confused "what do you mean?" Jennifer smiled as she replied with "well you saved my life, I am forever grateful, and my dad owes you also... If you wanted, I'm sure my dad would be fine with you staying with us..." Jake said seriously "I can't intrude on your den like that, I don't belong here..." Jennifer said softly "no, you belong wherever you are wanted, you don't belong to the wilderness, you belong to wherever you can call home..." Jake said slowly "I'm sure your dad wouldn't approve of a rouge male living here..." Jennifer said importantly "I'm sure after a good heart to heart conversation with him as soon as I recover he won't mind..." Jake just smiled slightly and said slowly "alright, but I'm not keeping my hopes up, and you shouldn't either... Don't feel bad if your talk doesn't work, I'm happy alone, but I would be happier with company for once..." Jennifer just nodded in agreement as Jake said seriously "you should really get some more rest, don't worry, I'll still be here when you wake up". Jennifer smiled and led back down, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

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