I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


6. Friendship Grows

With Jennifer finally better, the day finally came that Jennifer had been dreading since day one. They were both chatting and having a laugh in the sunshine when Ben came along and said sternly "you'll be heading back to your pack now I presume". Jake looked up and said slowly "I have no pack sir, I am a lone wolf, but yes... I'll be leaving now that Jennifer is better, and I am no longer needed..." Ben said with a slight smile "thank you ever so much for all your help, and good luck on your journeys". Jennifer looked up and shouted seriously "Dad! You can't just kick him out!" Ben said crossly "that's enough Jennifer! Jake needs to go back where he belongs!" Jennifer said hopefully "but dad! He has nowhere to go... He just roams the woods along, nobody to talk to, all alone, like you were while raising me..." Ben said with irritation "JENNIFER! ENOUGH! Jake can't stay here!" Jennifer said with one last ounce of defence "but you owe him! He saved my life! If Jake hadn't have saved me, you would have been all alone! Jake deserves a forever home for saving me!"


Ben sighed and said in defeat "your right Jennifer..." He turns to Jake and says seriously "I'm sorry Jake... I didn't understand at first, but Jennifer is of course right. I owe you for saving my daughters life, she means everything to me... If she had died that night, I would have had no one, and been just as lonesome as you are..." Jake said slowly "it's alright, I can go if you want me to... You owe me nothing, I was just doing what I'd do for any wolf in distress..." Ben said importantly "be that as it may, I feel I owe you, and I'd be honoured if you'd stay here with us, if you want to that is...?" Jennifer smiled behind her dad nodding 'yes'. Jake said with a smile "well it looks like I'm wanted here, and it would be nice to finally belong somewhere and have company". Ben said importantly "then it's settled". He then walked off to go lie down, leaving Jennifer and Jake alone. Jennifer said happily "oh I'm so glad you can stay, and I'm so glad you wanted to stay!" Jake said sweetly "I could never leave if I had the chance to stay with you".


A few weeks had passed, Jennifer and Jake were inseparable, the best of friends. Jake would take Jennifer out of walks around the forest, Ben trusting Jake, now letting Jennifer go off exploring all the time, just as long as Jake was with her to keep her safe the whole time. Ben over the few weeks had now actually grown quite fond of Jake, but not as fond as Jennifer was of him. She enjoyed his constant company, and they never left one another's sides. Jake showed her many places he had once roamed alone, and she enjoyed every walk he took her on. One day they were just playfully fighting one another outside the den entrance in the lovely sunshine. Jennifer knocked Jake over and held him down as she said with a laugh "Gotcha!" Jake pretended to surrender, but then quickly knocked her aside, now pinning her down, looking down at her. He said nothing as he stared deeply into her eyes. Jennifer smiled at him as he smiled back at her. Jake goes to kiss her when Ben's voice is heard from inside the den...

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