I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


7. Dad Talk

Ben shouts sounding quite angry "JAKE! Here, now!" Jake quickly scrambles off of Jennifer, letting her get up. She looks at him a little worried, as Jake looks from her, then back to the dens entrance. Ben's voice calls again even sharper this time "JAKE! I said here, NOW!" Jake gulps nervously as he enters the den reluctantly. Jake looks at Ben, his back turned, facing the wall. Jake says slightly worried "what is it you wanted?" Ben continues to face the wall as he says protectively "I know what your doing! You like her! You love her!" Jake remains silent for a moment, before taking a deep breath and admitting his affections for his daughter. Ben turns round to look Jake in the eyes as his voice calms as if he was never angry in the first place. He says seriously "that's fine by me". Jake started with "I'm sorry... I'll just go, I don't want to cause any problems..." Then Jake's ears perked up excitedly as he said in disbelief "what as that sir?" Ben repeated himself yet again in a serious tone. "I said, that's fine by me". Jake said still hardly believing his ears "but why?" Ben replied with a smile "because you will look after her, you love her, and she loves you.... I've seen how happy she is with you". Jake said nothing more as he just bowed down to Ben respectfully, then left the den to go back to Jennifer.

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