I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


2. A Walk In The Woods

Deep down in a brightly lit wood, there was a young wolf out on another one of her little adventures. Jennifer had finally managed to sneak out of the den when her farther by the name of  Ben had decided to take a nap in the den out the way of the suns blazing heat. Jennifer was chasing down a beautiful big red butterfly. It fluttered lightly on a little breeze that managed to squeeze it's way through the branches. Rays of sunshine hit the leaf covered forest floor. Lines of light dazzling the beauty around her. As she jumped up high to pad the butterfly the wind ruffled her pure white fur. Her fur coat was whiter than snow and was blindingly gorgeous. Her crystal blue eyes sparkly as the sunlight hit them. Shining deep impact to her soul. She missed the butterfly as it flutter up and up and escaped through a gap in the tree leaves.

She pulled a silly face as the butterfly disappeared from site. She was thinking about going home before her farther woke up to find her missing. She didn't like the idea of him shouting at her for having fun and enjoying herself. He can be so in controlling. She began to walk home when she heard the twittering of birds behind her. She turned round to see two robins hopping along the ground. She bend down and began to stalk towards them. She jumped at them too soon as they saw her and chirped noisily in horror out of harms way. They flew up into the tree's and refused to come down and be played with. They obviously did not wish to be chew toys. She looked up at them for a minute or two before looking down to the ground and whimpering in displeasure.

While her snout was still pointed to the ground her ears twitched and became erect to the sound of scuttering on a tree trunk in front of her. Her head rose quickly to see three squirrels running down a tree and the chasing each other around the trees. She thought that looked fun as she ran at them in a mad manner. The squirrels stopped in there tracks looking at her in terror. All three of them scampered in different directions and she got confused, forgot to stop running, and plummeted head first into a tree. She collapsed to the floor with a sharp ear-piercing yelp. "Chasing squirrels is no fun" she cried out as she gave a growl of anger. "no animal wants to stay and play, they all think I want to eat them" she whined to herself. "I mean do they look like deer? I only eat deer" she said as she licked her lips.

"talking of deer" she said with an eager expression upon her face. She looked in a serious manner as she pushed her snout to the ground and began sniffing around. Her ears forward, listening hard. The leaves rustled and moved aside as she pushed her nose around. She walked here and there trying to pick up a scent. She smelt a female deer just up ahead. She walked slowly trying not to make a sound. She spotted the deer up ahead and so bent down so her belly rubbed against the dirty floor. She snuck stealfully towards the unsuspecting doe. She was about to go for the kill when a twig snapped behind her. The doe looked up nervously, ears pointed up high. The deer was still chewing some grass when she noticed Jennifer and darted away the speed of a speeding bullet. Jennifer stood up with a huff and then nervously turned around to see what had made that noise. She saw bushes but nothing else in sight. She was about to walk away when she noticed flecks of orange in the bushes. She thought this was wired considering she had never seen this colour before. Not for a long time anyway. She called out as her heart caught in her mouth making her stutter as her stomach jolted and flipped. "Hu-Who's Thu-There?" Out of the bushes came a deep, dark, mysterious voice saying "do you really want to know?" Jennifer shivered and said "um, I'm no-not sure? I guess yes". The voice said back in a low grumbling purr "wrong answer sweety".

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