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What if the bodyguard that left you 5 years ago has came back into your life with 5 immature boys that go by the name "One Direction."


3. Yeah, I'm real special


Harrys P.O.V


"So that party's tonight right? You're meeting that girl Samantha, the one that you used to have posters of on your bedroom wall?" I turned around an looked into the elevator mirror as I felt my cheeks heat up and saw them turn crimson red. I'm currently on the phone till my mum, she was checking up on me per usual making sure that I'm being good and not making a complete fool off myself.

"Mum! You swore you wouldn't speak of that again! Yeah I'm meeting her tonight, actually I'm on my way to meet her now she's staying with Liam tonight. I'm really nervous about meeting her though..." Smirking to myself as I remembered the times I was caught singing her songs, I was at home while my parents were at work and my sister was out shopping somewhere with her mates. I had the TV volume up really loud as her top music videos were playing non-stop. I was making myself something to eat while singing at the top of my lungs then the song ended as I turned around taking a bit of my sandwich and my parents were standing laughing at me and I turned bright red.

"Why is she staying with Liam?"

"I don't know... All I know is that I'm meeting them at his place and going to this party with them and then she's staying with me for the next two weeks but no-one else knows except me, Liam and Paul an now you know but you can't tell anyone." The elevator door dinged open and I slowly started making my way towards Liam apartment.

"Don't worry, I'm not telling anyone anything. I'll let you go so you can get ready for tonight, tell the boys I said 'Hello'. I love you and have fun tonight, you boys deserve it!"

"Don't worry, when the boys are around it's always a party. I love you too mum."

Ending the call as I reached Liam’s door, I slide my phone into my pocket as I heard the sound of people arguing. It must be Liam and Sam, I used the spare key he gave me and I gently opened the door, as I opened it I looked around the place and saw them in the kitchen. Still standing in the door way I was about to say something when I heard Liam say my name. I know it's wrong to listen other people conversation but if I spoke up I'd never know what they're talking about.

"Sam, Harry Styles is no all that bad. He's just a misunderstood lad."  

"No Liam he's not! Misunderstood is like saying you don't like your album but when the fact is you really love it. He's not misunderstood! Harry Styles is just some teenage boy from an awesome boy band that thinks he's God's gift to women, when in reality he's just like everyone else in this world! Styles needs to grow up and fall in love with a dudette his age and not go around flirting with everything that breathes and he needs to choose a God damn tattoo once and for all! It's pathetic the way he acts, he needs slapped across the face with a wet fish! Actually make that slapped 3 times with a wet fish!" After she finished bad mouthing me to Liam, I was about to walk back out of the apartment but then the elevator dinged. Shit! They both turned around and saw me standing in the door way. She looked me in the eye as Caroline and Lou made their way up to me and I couldn't walk back now looking down I did the only think I could think of besides walking out.

"Erm... Caroline where do I put these?" I asked as I held our clothes for the party tonight up to her,

"Just put them in the bedroom darlin' and lay them down flat." I nodded and walked into the bedroom. Hearing the sounds of light footsteps walking down the hall, I began to lay the clothes down as someone walked in the bedroom. Biting the inside of my mouth I tried to hold back the tears form in my eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking towards me, as she approached me a tear rolled down my down cheek. Her hand reached up and wiped it away, as she removed her hand I turned and looked her in the eye. Turning my attention back to the clothes I decide to speak up,

"You're right you know." As I spoke it barley came out as a whisper. Come on, man up Harry! Don't cry in front of her again, be a man!

"I'm not. What I said... What I said wasn't right, I do think some of its true but the rest isn't. I don't know you to judge you like that..."  

"You might as well judge me, the rest of the world does it. I've gotten used to it and like people always say it comes with the job." Attempting to force a smile I looked at her, turning back away from her, I started fiddle with the zipper on the garment bag.

"It may come with the job but other people who know what it's like to have that kind of job shouldn't do it to you. It's not fair and it sure as hell isn't right! I'm so so sorry..."  

After she apologizing to me I looked at her again, putting my head down I started making my way out of the bedroom, I felt her gaze on me as she shouted,

"What so I'm just gonna apologize to you then you walk out of the room without saying anything! Do you know how hard it is for me to apologize to someone?" Stopping dead, I turned my head to the right then spoke,

"No I don't. You wanna know what the funny thing is though, never in my whole life would I've thought that someone that I admire says something like that to me. So sorry if I don't wanna say anything to you." And with that I left the room and slammed the bedroom door behind me.

How could she say that about me when she doesn't even know me! Standing outside in the hall, my fists balling up then I banged my fists against the wall. Calming myself down I began walking back into the living room where Lou and Caroline were setting up whilst Liam was pacing back an forth. Noticing him stop and being looking at something with deep thought I began wondering why he was looking at me like that, then I spotted blood dripping from my knuckles. Brushing past him I made my way towards the kitchen sink and turned the tap as I put my hand under the water. Feeling it beginning to sting I removed my hand to grab a kitchen cloth, as I did this Liam approached me,

“What happened in there and what the hell happened to your hand?” Inspecting my knuckles as he spoke,

Nothing happened in there and I slipped and fell.” Pulling my hand out of his grasp and began making my way towards the living room,

“Don’t give me that bullshit Harry! Something obviously happened or else you wouldn't be so angry!”

I’m not angry! I’m pissed at the fact that princess is there thinks she can say whatever she wants about me and thinks an apology will just make everything okay!

“She apologized to you? So something did happen? What did she say?” As he said this he looked at me bewildered.

Yeah she did... She said what she said wasn't right and she thinks some of its true but she doesn't know me to judge me like that and that it might come with the job but other people don’t know what it’s like to have a job like ours and its not fair and she’s oh so sorry!” As I spoke I began to raise my voice,

“Wow! I can’t believe she apologized to you, it took her almost 3 months before I got an apology out of her. You must be special!”

Yeah, I’m real special...” As we stood there in an awkward silence Lou called us over to sit down, once we sat down she spoke.

“Alright boy’s time to get all dolled up for tonight!” At least someone’s excited for tonight. This is going to be such a night....


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