Your Princess

I'm your Princess who loves you wand watches over you. I am the love of your life.


1. Your Princess

I'm your Princess who stays with you

My love for you will never stray

I may hear things about you

But I won't listen at all


From the first day until now

You have been my shining star

The first smile I saw

You had my heart from the start


I never asked for anything

But you gave to me all your love

Oh we are friends, I know that much

But you showed me love, I had never known


We have been together for a long time

Never once did you walk away

You are always by my side

Through all my ups and downs


Even when I was sick,  you stayed around

You told me to smile, I always did

You planted my feet on higher ground

You never listened to talk about me


You made me laugh, when I was down

You talked to me and wrote  comments for me

You talked to me every chance you got

Wrote beautiful poems for me


You showed me your love.....................


I'm your Princess, For better or worse

I'll be here no matter what

I will not walk away, I'm here to stay

When you need me day or night, I'll be there


Your the love of my life my Prince

I think of you day and night

I dream of you only

I love you with every beat of my heart


I thank God he sent you to me


If you need me to listen I will

If you need my love you have it

If you want my heart it is already yours

If you want my prayers you have them


Whatever you need I will give..................


To someone I love with all my heart


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