Hugs and Kissses

17 year old Megan Fin is just any ordinary girl, except for her supermodel boyfriend, who she is about to spend her 2 year anniversary with. what she thinks is gonna be he best night turns into her worst nightmare....but will it end so horribly?


6. Meeting "The Boys"

     I hopped out of the car and was met by a smirking Harry. "What are you smirking about?" I asked. "Oh nothing, I can just tell how nervous you are when you really shouldn't be" "oh" was all I could say. In fact I really was nervous. But if Harry says I don't need to be, then I can try my best not to.

     "Babe are you coming?" I heard Harry yell from where he was on the front porch. "Yeah I guess" I mumbled. I slowly walked up to him and walked up to the door. As soon as I was about to knock, he spun me around, with our faces inches apart, and kissed me. Like full on snogging. I can't tell you how long we stood there kissing until I heard a cough. "Sorry to interrupt but me and the boys really wanted to meet  you and we heard you pull up". "Oh and by the, I'm  Liam." A brown haired chocolate brown eyes said. My cheeks bright red as I extended my hand for a shake. "I'm Megan, Megan Fin." I mumbled, clearly embarrassed.

      We walked into a huge living room and I saw 3 other nice looking boys, not including Liam.     I heard the door close and Harry appeared. Putting an arm around my waist, he introduced me to his 4 best friends. Louis (one in stripes) who was sitting with a very pretty girl whom I learned was Eleanor. Niall (blonde and Irish) was sitting in a lazy boy chair on his phone, and last but not least a dark haired,with slightly darker skin was Zayn. He was sitting next his girlfriend Perrie,  who was also very pretty but she had blond hair instead of brown like Eleanor

        I got along with El, Louis and Liam the best. The others weren't bad the just seemed more distant. 

      " Ummm...where is your bathroom?" I asked, breaking the silence. " Down the hallway 2nd door on the left" I heard Louis answer.       


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