Hugs and Kissses

17 year old Megan Fin is just any ordinary girl, except for her supermodel boyfriend, who she is about to spend her 2 year anniversary with. what she thinks is gonna be he best night turns into her worst nightmare....but will it end so horribly?


3. Kind Stranger

   As I sit on the street curb crying and listening to the London city noise, mainly honking cars and screaming fans (still don't know why there are so many girls), somebody comes up and taps me on the shoulder. flailing my arms back, trying to shoo away the stranger they just stand there not budging. Finally as I turn around my eyes meet with striking green eyes and a mop of brown curly hair. "whats wrong?" he asked. "Oh, nothing I just like to sit on the curb and cry, its a real hobby of mine." I answered sarcastically. " Well I guess I'm gonna have to do that with you cuz I'm not leaving until you tel me whats wrong." " Well since we're are gonna be here for a while you might as well tell me your name" I told him. " I'm Harry. Harry Styles" he answered. "what about you?".  "i'm  Megan. Megan Fin" i said mocking him.

         We sat there in silence for a  little while until the screaming girls were really starting to annoy the shit out of me. "What the hell are all those girls screaming for!" I screamed breaking the silence. Harry scoffed, "well me, actually" " what do you mean Harry?" I asked. "you really don't know who I am? Do you?" he laughed. "Uhhh I supposed to?" I asked,, clearly confused. "I'm Harry Styles, from the band One Direction." "Oh I might have heard of you guys before!' I lied. "yeah well now that you know who I am can you tell me why you were crying?" he pleaded. "Well you see," I started " today was me and my boyfriend Dylan's 2 year anniversary and I was really really excited because he told me he had a surprise for me and the only thing that surprised me was the fact that when i walked into the restaurant he was kissing this slut from our school...and...and" I couldn't finished before the water works started. Crying into my hands I felt Harry pull my hands away from my face and once again I looked into those green eyes and had butterflies in my stomach.  I might be falling for this boy I though. I quickly hushed the thought away as he pulled me into a tight hug.

    I could feel the light flutter of his heart as he wrapped his arms around me. " I could kill this guy for making such a pretty girl cry" he cooed. 

"how's about I give you my number and we talk some more about his over a date"  "sure just give me your phone" I sniffled as we switched phones and numbers.

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