Hugs and Kissses

17 year old Megan Fin is just any ordinary girl, except for her supermodel boyfriend, who she is about to spend her 2 year anniversary with. what she thinks is gonna be he best night turns into her worst nightmare....but will it end so horribly?


1. Dinner Date

"give me back my phone you little sh**!" i screamed at my 12 year old brother Toby, who was now running down the hallway my new iphone in tow. Giving up, I slide down the faded wall and let out a big huff.

      I guess now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Megan Fin, I am 5'4, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I live in London, England with my mom, 12 year old brother Toby and 2 pet turtles. Yep, thats right, no daddy. He died of cancer when I was 3, so I don't really remember him.

Thats when I hear the pitter patter  of Toby's feet on the hardwood floors. Sticking my leg out at the perfect timing I successfully tripping him, I grab my phone from his hands and unlock it

                   *1 new message*

From Dylan <3

Hey babe! wanna go out tomorrow for our anniversary? i have a    surprise for you <3


to Dylan <3

sure hun, where and what time?


From Dylan<3

the Wild Honey at 7:30...see you there



Authors Note

Hey guys! it me olivia, this is my first story ever! let me know how it is so far and any improvements i should make!    <3 <3    no hate please


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