Hugs and Kissses

17 year old Megan Fin is just any ordinary girl, except for her supermodel boyfriend, who she is about to spend her 2 year anniversary with. what she thinks is gonna be he best night turns into her worst nightmare....but will it end so horribly?


4. Date plans


     As I walk home through the crowded streets, I think about the events that have occurred today, having a 2 year anniversary, dumped my boyfriend and met an incredibly cute and sweet boy on the streets. So I guess today ended up pretty well.      

    I turn the key to my apartment and hear the roar of the video games by brother is playing. The noise is actually really annoying, but nothing can ruin my good mood which was suddenly brought on by the thought of Harry.  

As I duck into the small kitchen to grab a snack, I see my mother, with a few grey hairs poking out, making some kind of new food she learned in her cooking classes that she has been taking. It smells horrific but I smile and tell her it looks good anyways. I grab an apple and walk up the stairs to my bedroom. I flop onto my bed and stare at the blank ceiling. All the walls around me are covered in posters and pictures of me and my best friend Madison. She is 5 foot even and light brown hair.   

I am snapped out of my trance as I hear the familiar ring of my phone, telling me that I have a text.



From Harry :)  

Hey Megan, how bout we go to Nando's tomorrow and then you can meet the rest of the band. No need to worry tho, they'l love you <3


To Harry:

sure thing....what time?


From Harry:



To Harry:

Okey dokey seen you then




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