Hugs and Kissses

17 year old Megan Fin is just any ordinary girl, except for her supermodel boyfriend, who she is about to spend her 2 year anniversary with. what she thinks is gonna be he best night turns into her worst nightmare....but will it end so horribly?


2. Anniversary Surprise!!!!

   I check my watch, 7:15. Perfect! that gives me just enough time to do some finishing touches and drive to the resturaunt. When I pull up i see a flock of girls and figure somebody famous was in town, no biggie, I think, as long as it doesn't interfere with my date! One more check in the mirror and I'm all set. Walking through the parking lot I see Dylan's black pick-up truck and smile. " This is going to be a perfect night, and nothing will ruin it" i thought happily. Grinning like an idiot, looking around the resturaunt for dylan. All of my happiness is gone, shot straight out of my body. I look up just in time to see Dylan kissing the blonde headed bimbo, Juliet. I quietly walk up pulling him by the hair, " what the hell Dylan?!? I thought you loved me?!?" i scream in his face, causing quite a rukus in the building. But i don't care. All i care about is why he was kissing that slut! I quickly get out my pohne and text 

To Dylan :(   : We are so fucking through dont even bother responding you man whore! oh, and happy anniversary ! 

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