Not So Complicated

How could I ever accept the man you've become when I barely remember the boy you were, stranger?


2. Last Day

              “Last Day!” Taylor announced walking into my class. Everyone looked up at her. I didn’t blame them. My best friend was hot and demanded every eye in the room. She made her way to me and perched herself on my desk.

“How do you deal with these stiffs?” she stage whispered which caused some of the popular girls in my class – The Pigeons – to scoff.

“Books, food and my sparkling personality. I’m known round these parts as The Bitch,” I answered cracking a smile. Taylor grinned and picked up one of my apple slices.

“You’re a saint,” she commented before hopping off my desk, ‘Who do you have next?”

“Mr. Deo,” I answered nibbling on one of my apple slices and watching Taylor’s outfit feeling inferior. She wore a simple mint scoop neck tee, light-wash high waisted jeans and white lace TOMS and gold accessories.

“Uhh he is so fine. Say hi for me,” she swooned before walking to the door. “Two more hours boo,” she waved her gold bracelets clinking.

            “You guys match,” Alyssa commented. I looked down at my green and blue flannel shirt and blue jeans.

“Somewhat,” I smiled at my adorable seatmate and close friend. I could last two more hours if she sat next to me.


            Physics class just wasn’t working for me. Diodes weren’t interesting especially since the members of The Pigeons who were in my class kept arguing with Sir. As if he needed any help in fucking up the subject even more. Don’t get me wrong, he could be a good teacher, if he ever decided to do the questions he assigned us instead of picking which ever answer sounded correct. He usually went with whatever Brainless the pigeon said because her story is so ‘inspiring’. Basically, she didn’t get into the science class for some reason so she and her best friend Bossy did Physics outside and did well. But he really needed to stop gassing her because I was not going along with her dumb answers this year.

            Once more her voice grated against my eardrums. “Are you getting this?” Alyssa questioned rubbing her arms.

“I’m too cold to function,” I explained trying to concentrate on Mr. Deo. This class was way too cold. I wish we could turn the air conditioning down but the maintenance man didn’t think so.

“Adalaide, what is the function of a diode?” Mr. Deo asked standing right in front of my desk. Thankfully, the bell rang so I quickly shoved my notebook and pens into my bag and stood up.

“Try again next year, sir,” I joked slinging my bag on my shoulder. He chewed his lip in annoyance.

“First person I’m picking on,” he joked back.

“Oh your biggest fans won’t allow that,” I deadpanned walking past him. I was so over this school scene. I just wanted to leave.

            Taylor was perched on the railing sipping from a mountain dew bottle. “What took you so long?” she asked hopping off the railing. Mr. Deo had just exited the classroom so I pointed at him as my answer. “That’s a good reason,” she smirked playfully shoving my shoulder. We made our way to the gates where our other best friend, Lauren, was waiting. She was a sight to behold in a white chiffon shirt and high waisted coral shorts.

“I’m so confused. How did they allow you in school? Those shorts are ridiculous,” I commented hugging her.

“That’s why,” she replied pointing at a gaggle of girls walking past us. Their colourful shorts barely covered anything.

             We made our way to my car. For some reason, I always dropped my friends to school even though we all had cars. “So what’s the plan?” I asked when we all piled into my car.

“Get drunk, wreck stuff, bang randoms,” Lauren kidded and we dissolved in laughter. Taylor passed the mountain dew bottle to Lauren who took a drink and passed it to me. It wasn’t mountain dew; it was vodka. I passed the bottle back to Taylor.

“No seriously, what are we gonna do?” I questioned.

“There’s that cute Chinese restaurant about twenty minutes from here. Then we could go to a bar and lime for a while,” Taylor answered drinking her vodka.


            “I’ll be back with your food soon ladies,” our waiter said sweetly before heading to the kitchen. I picked up some wantons when Lauren cleared her throat.

“Do you want a cough drop?” Taylor asked concerned.

“No. I have something to tell you guys,” she sighed picking apart her wanton with her fingers. I silently watched her as she struggled to find the words. “Kyle broke up with me,” she confessed folding her arms.

“When did this happen?” Taylor asked. Me, I wasn’t concerned with the whens and hows or the whys. My best friend’s metal health was more important to me. She drew in a shuddering breath and shakily told us about the break up.

“I’m fine. I was kind of expecting it but not his reasoning. I don’t get that. I’m too young? That’s dumb. He’s only a year older than me. How am I too young?” she sobbed. I passed her a napkin and she dabbed at the corners of her eyes, “I’m over it though. Where’s the food?”

            I smiled at her. People looked at us and thought, ‘just another group of black girls’ but we were so much more. Yes we had boy drama but who didn’t? Yes we drank but what eighteen year old teenager hadn’t. We weren’t stupid; we were out celebrating our freedom from school for the next few months. A few tables away from us, a group of guys were drinking and laughing raucously.

“Why don’t they look at them like that?” Lauren asked pointing at the boys. I looked at the many families having late lunch with their children.

“Well, there’s gender and then there’s race. Why scorn your own race when there’s a bunch of black girls drinking?” I explained. I raised my glass of orange juice (Sadly, the designated driver couldn’t drink as much as her friends) to the middle-aged Indian couple at the table next to us. The woman looked horrified.

“They disgust me. We’re the same. Plus, Addy you’re the lightest person in the room!” Taylor commented popping a wanton into her mouth.

“My hair isn’t straight boo. Don’t you know colour isn’t anything unless your hair isn’t naturally straight as well; isn’t that right miss,” I was speaking loud enough for the same couple to hear me and the woman was blatantly eavesdropping. Her mouth hung open in horror before she turned away from us.

            “Here you go ladies, please enjoy your meal,” the waiter smiled setting our food down. He winked at Lauren before leaving.

“Who needs Kyle when the cute waiter’s clearly interested,” I teased.

“True that!” Taylor giggled.

“Preach,” Lauren sang raising her hands. We took our time eating just enjoying each others company. “Hi, can we have a drinks menu?” Lauren asked our waiter when he placed our desserts in front of us. He nodded before retrieving one for us.

“The Concord Grape wine; is it sweet?” Taylor questioned.

“Yes, miss,” he answered politely.

“Three glasses please,” she ordered.

“You guys are gonna get me drunk,” I complained.

“Please one glass of wine and a little vodka; since when did you turn into such a light weight?” Lauren questioned taking a bite of her cake.

“I’m not a light weight. I’m the DD remember,” I reminded her finishing my glass of water. Sometimes these girls thought I was superwoman. I couldn’t drink like they could and drive home as well. It just wouldn’t work.

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