Not your ordinary Cinderella story

A girl named mableen has run away from her abusive dad and doesn't have anywhere to go. When she meets a blonde hair blue eyed Irish boy will she fall in love or be just friends? Does her dad find her? Read about it in " Not your ordinary chinderella story"


3. why...

Nialls pov:

Shes been living with me for almost 2 weeks now. i think shes still a little scared but i think shes finally starting to trust me. she wakes up screaming most nights and it scares the heck out of me! i know this may sound weird because I've only known her for a little while but... i think i really really like her. When i say that i like her i mean as more than a friend. Shes beautiful, and funny, shes all i want. I'm scared to tell her thought because i don't want her to leave... Why... does this have to be hard? i just want her.

Mableens POV:

I've been living with Niall for almost 2 weeks now and i really like it here! he has been very welcoming but i feel kind of strange because i didn't have any clothes and when he offered to take me to my house i kind of got scared and past out... so for right now I'm just borrowing some of his basketball shorts and a sweat shirt. i know this may sound weird because i just met him but i like him. Ive never felt like this before. most guys at my school were dicks so i usually ignored them. but i think i like him more then a friend. hes handsome nice funny and hes given me a place to stay and food to eat.

I still stay on guard because I'm scared that my step dad will find me but i know that Niall will protect me. I tend to have dreams about my dad and i wake up screaming but as soon as i wake up Niall is there comforting me telling me everything is alright and it was just a dream. i just want him and all his little things. but I'm scared that if i tell him what i feel that he'll make me leave and i wont have any where to go. hmm why.. does this have to so hard? i just want him.

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