Not your ordinary Cinderella story

A girl named mableen has run away from her abusive dad and doesn't have anywhere to go. When she meets a blonde hair blue eyed Irish boy will she fall in love or be just friends? Does her dad find her? Read about it in " Not your ordinary chinderella story"


4. meeting his friends

Nialls friends are coming over to day at 2. Its 1:20 and I'm getting ready. Niall gives me some shorts and a tee shirt. I'm worried that if friends aren't going to like me. At 1;55 I go down stairs and walk up behind Niall. He doesn’t notice me so I yell “BOO!” “AHH HOLY SHISNITS!” he screams while jumping to his feet. I laugh for probably a full 5 minutes! I get up and sit next to Niall. “You should have seen your face!” he gives me a look and jumps up and starts tickling me! i jump up laughing and run to the kitchen. I grab some ketchup and spray him when he runs in! “Well if we’re playing that way!” he says while spraying mustard all over me. I grab the hose from the sink and spray him as I run! He grabs onto me but I slip and pull him down with me. We lay there laughing; I roll onto my stomach so I can look at him. “Okay fine you won!” he says “but I get to win next time he jokes. “Hmm I’ll think about it.” I giggle. We both sit there looking at each other for a minute. “So beautiful...” he mumbles. “Wh-a” I start to say n=but I get interrupted. “um may I ask what happened here?” asks Lou “world war three.” I giggle. I say hello to everyone and then go up stairs to clean off. I turn on the shower when I remember I need clothes. I walk to Nialls room to grab some since I don’t have any yet but stop when I hear whispering coming from inside. “Man I don’t know what to do I really like Mableen.” Niall says. “ but I’m worried that if I tell her that  she’ll leave and I’ll never see her again” OMG he likes me! I think to myself. “If you really do like her then tell her. Everything happens for a reason and everything will be okay.” Liam says I wait a couple seconds and knock. “um Niall can I come in I need to get some clothes.” I say. “um yeah.” I walk in and get some clothes and then hurry out. After I’ve showered and gotten dressed I brush my hair and pull it into a pony tail still wet. When I walk down stairs every ones filled up both couch’s and is watching a movie. I sit down in front of Niall and pull my knees to my chest. When the movies over we all say good bye and they leave.

“so what do you want for dinner?” Niall asks me. “um whatever you want.” We end up eating panda express and watch the “note book”. ( not my choose it was the only thing on tv.) I start to get tired so I lay my head on Nialls shoulders. I guess I fell asleep because when I open my eyes I’ve layed my head in Nialls lap and he’s sleeping to. I make a note in my head to tell him how I feel tomorrow..

A/N: im sorry if you don’t like this this is my first story. If you have any ideas you can kik me @ brenna_wiser  I would love for you to tell me what I could do better but please no hate! Thank you so much for reading!

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