Not your ordinary Cinderella story

A girl named mableen has run away from her abusive dad and doesn't have anywhere to go. When she meets a blonde hair blue eyed Irish boy will she fall in love or be just friends? Does her dad find her? Read about it in " Not your ordinary chinderella story"


6. maybe?

A/N: im sorry im not posting but i have a writers block.

Nialls pov:

i wake up on the coach, i must have fallen asleep during the movie. mableens gone. i guess she went up to bed. i lay my head down on a pillow and try to go back to sleep but my im not tired. so i just lay here and think. "AAHHHH!"  i hear some one scream. Mableen. i run up stairs to the room but shes not there. i hear the scream again and its coming from the kitchen. i run to the kitchen and find her on the floor crying. "h my gosh mableen whats wrong!??" "i didnt mean to...." she crys. "didnt mean to what?" i ask. she sits there in a ball and crys. i try to comfort her but she pushes me away. "Mable ( my nick name for her) please ell me what you did." "i didnt mean to scrare you. but i had a bad dream and i dont know how  got in here.... i got scared and thought that my dad was here." "mable you dont need to be scared. its okay im here. i wont let anything happen because i love you.'' i say. oh my gosh i cant beleive i just said that. crap. please dont leave.

Mableens pov:

i stare at the ground. e told me that he loves me. should i tell him now? ugh. wel here goes nothing.

"Niall... i know we havent known each other long. but your the only one i trust.. and. uh ive been wanting t tell you this for a while but i dont want what i tell you to ruin our friend ship.                                  Niall. I love you. okay i know you propably dont love me in that way but i cant hold it in any more. an-." im cut off by him smashing his lips on mine. ive never had a real kiss before so i dont really know what to do. i  push againt his lips and close  my eyes. his hands go to my wait and mine go up to his hair. he pulls away and i blush. "mable. i feel the same way but i was afraid that if i told you would leave.'' i say. "so um i was wondering...... mable will you please be my girl friend?" .................................... " im sorry. i dont.... " i say. "oh" he wispers. "NIALL i was joking! i would love to be your girl friend!"

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