Not your ordinary Cinderella story

A girl named mableen has run away from her abusive dad and doesn't have anywhere to go. When she meets a blonde hair blue eyed Irish boy will she fall in love or be just friends? Does her dad find her? Read about it in " Not your ordinary chinderella story"


2. Dont be scared

I feel... cold. and alone. but not physically, mentally.

The sun shines in my eyes but i don't open them. i am terrified for what i will see. i know im not in the puddle any more because i can feel the bed underneath me. and that's when i register what must have happened. my dad found me.

"hey, love how are you doing?" thats not my dad. my eyes open fast and i see a blue eyed boy in front of me. scared. thats what i am. i scramble back words till i hit my head on the bed bored.


nialls POV:

i can tell shes awake by her expression change, "hey, love how are you doing?" i ask her. i can see her trying to register my voice. her eyes shoot open and she starts to scramble back words until she hits the bed board. i can see the fear in her eyes. crap. " please.." she cry's " don't hurt me. i didn't mean to! ppplease.." she terrified.  "Hey hey hey, listen im not going to hurt you. Don't be scared,"

mablens POV:

hes telling me not to be scared. "w-what is y-your name...?" i wisper

"im niall. may i ask you the same?" his voice is gentle and sweet. should i trust him? "Mableen, but why am i here? are you going to punish me?" i whimper?

"very beautiful name. it fits you"he says. i blush a little no one has ever called me beautiful. " and never in a million years would i punish you." he says again.

"then why am i here?"

Nialls POV:

" then why am i here?"

" i found you last night.. you were hiding and you looked scared. i tryed asking you if... if you need help, but you started crying and blacked out. i didnt know what to do and you didnt have a cell phone on you so i didnt know who to call. the boys thought that i should bring you here to my flat and help you. if you don't have any where to go... umm.. i would really like it if you stayed here with me." "thank you.... so so much," she cryed " i dont really have anywhere to go or any family or friends to help me." " your welcome."



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