Not your ordinary Cinderella story

A girl named mableen has run away from her abusive dad and doesn't have anywhere to go. When she meets a blonde hair blue eyed Irish boy will she fall in love or be just friends? Does her dad find her? Read about it in " Not your ordinary chinderella story"


1. Running away & seeing them

Mableen's POV:
I didn't know where I was going but I knew I couldn't stay there any longer. I I just don't get how my step dad could be so mean. I wish someone would understand what I was going through.

I'm tired, I feel like I've ran a million miles but in reality it's only been about seven. I stop to take rest and think about what I'm suppost to do now. I couldn't go home and I really couldn't go back to school, ( my last year any way so what's woul it matter ) in that horrible place, with my horrible step dad.

I've been sitting here for about an hour and a half. Just thinking. I get up to start walking when I see a man. Not just any man though. The man is my step dad.

I take off running, I run begin the buildings to try and console myself. When I think I've run far enough I duck and hid behind so dumpsters. I sit there breathing heavy. After about five minutes I catch my breath. I'm scared that my step dad might find me so I stay where I am. I'm in deep thought when I hear some one running. It's my step dad. I think he's spotting me but he hasn't. "Mableen Mackenzie hope, when I find you your going to be sorry you ran way." He yells, and with that he runs down by more buildings.

It's starting to rain but I don't have any where to go so I just sit there huddle in a ball trying to keep warm. It's starting to get very dark and the darker it gets the more scared I am.

I think about getting up but I hear Some one come out of the door close to me. From what I can see he's no more than 18 or 19. He has blonde hair and has an Irish accent. He's talking to four other boys but I can't tell what they're saying. I try to reposition my self to they can't see me but I end up nocking some boxes over. I whip my head to see if they heard. Yup, they did cause there now staring at me. I'm screwed I think to my self. They start to walk over and I begin to panic. Should I run? Or stay where I am? I'm so scared and I start to cry. Then I hear a worries Irish accent say " um hello? Are you alright? " it's the blonde boy. I'm so scared and I don't know why to do. I get up and start to run, I'm almost past the door they came out of and that's when I get hit. I can its one of bloodied friends because he yells " she's over here!."

I'm sobbing and the next thing I know my legs begin to give out. I scream because of the pain I feel on the right side of my ribs. ( my dad hit me with a board there. ) My legs fully let go an I fall to the ground. I can feel the rain puddle and my vision gets blurry, I can hear the boys yelling but I can't figure out what there saying. That's when everything goes black....
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