Finding Mae

A long time ago, a clan of abandoned people and misfits live together deep in an unknown forest. They called themselves the Hidden Kin and followed a code of bravery, loyalty, and harsh consequences. When Grace, the lowest rank in the group, finds an autistic girl lost near the border, will her decision change the fate of the whole group?


1. The Hidden Kin


Jack: Hi, my name's Jack. I'm thirteen.

Grace: I'm Grace and I'm twelve. 

Jack: We figured we should write a story-

Grace: -or at least some kind of account-

Jack: To let people know what really happens in deep, dark forests. Wooooo.

Grace: Jack is brain damaged. Don't listen to him.

Jack: Shut up, Grace.

Grace: See, we live in this clan called the Hidden Kin. Spooky name, right? 

Jack: It's for misfits!

Grace: Jack.

Jack: Okay, sorry. Well, the thing is, our clan lives hidden away, deep in the woods near the little town of Burrick. Sometimes we'll come out, just to scare the older folk. And sometimes, a tourist or someone will tread too close to home so we lure them back to the modern world. But mostly we stick to our own territory.

Grace: We don't just accept anyone, though. People only voluntarily come here because they're alone, or lonely, or desperate. Alone enough to try to find safety. Lonely enough to try and find company. Desperate enough to have faith in legend.

Jack: Do you know how weirdly mystical you sound? It's like a children's fairytale audio tape.

Grace: Shut up, Jack. 

Grace: What's an audio tape?

Jack: You don't know what an audio tape is?

Grace: See, Jack loves reminding me that he knows more about Out There than I do. He only knows more 'cause he's a Foreign. I was found as a baby and raised in the clan.

Jack: Don't call me a Foreign! Just because I came looking for the Kin instead of being raised there, like a farmgirl being raised like a milkmaid in Texas-

Grace: Now you're just rubbing it in. Texas?

Jack: -and don't call it Out There. It's the modern world, not an alien planet.

Grace: Whatever.

Jack: The point is, we want to tell you the tale of how to Kin went to their first war.

Grace: I'll be telling most of the story. But sometimes Jack'll jump in because he likes interrupting people, so-

Jack: I do not!

Grace: ...

Jack: Oh. Dammit.

Grace: Anyway, here we go.

Jack and Grace: I think it all started with Mae.


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