Torn Between

Angela and her best friend Tori move to England(can't tell where), but they have a little trouble at the airport. She meets 5 strangers where 2 it's them are crushing on her since they first saw her. She is torn between these two strangers. Who will she choose? Read to find out.


3. New Neighbors

I rode the elevator up to our place, Andy and Tori took the stairs. I unlocked the door to our place, I was surprise my stuff and Tori's stuff were already set up. I decided since Tori had no idea what room and floor where we are staying, and we are on 14 floor with 22 doors on each level, with the stairs and no cell phone, I had a while till they found the place, so I decided to call blonde. I typed in the number on my iPhone, which I cleverly had on the plane the whole time. It rang 5 times till I heard a chill sending beautiful British voice, it was curls. "Hello? Who is this?" curls spoke, "Its Angela, the girl from the airport who flipped Andy." I replied back. "How do I know this is really you?" he said suspicious, "Curls, you know its me, my voice." I told him. He immediately started blabbing on, then I heard blonde's sweet Irish voice in the background, he was saying, "Harry, who's that? Why are you talking to some one on MY phone? GIVE IT!!" I heard a bunch of yelling and grunting and ruffling but then I heard that sweet Irish voice, "Hello? Who is this?" "This is Angela, the girl from the airport. The one who fli-" I was interrupted right there by that Irish blonde. Then Tori and Andy burst through the door, sweaty and out of breath. I took Andy's hand and hung up the phone. I laid Andy on the couch and got him a ice pack. I kissed his forehead and for him some cola from the fridge. I sat next to him looking and the bruise on his muscular back, the only thing I was thinking to myself was, 'He's got to be a swimmer, he's got to be a swimmer' over and over. I touched his bruise, he eeked in pain. "I'm sorry." I say was a little shock in my tone, "Why don't you sleep here for the night and I'll see what I can do in the morning. I'm more of a fighter than a healer." It was 2 AM, I could plainly see he was getting sleepy, before his eyes shut he say, "You've got to show me that move." then he yawned and closed his eyes. I kissed his cheek and went to sleep, FINALLY!!! I woke up at 4 PM, I really didn't have much today, tomorrow I had to find a job, but I heard a knock at my door, which made my thought shoot in all directions. Wait, directions? Why did that sound important to me? Whatever, I just went to get the door when I saw curls. He handed me some flowers and a note, the note said, 'It was love at first sight, well for me that is. I was just wondering if you would go out with me?' I swung my head back and forth to say no and shut the door. He did this for 2 weeks straight, except different and more crazier things every time. I was getting quite annoyed, Andy was still living on my couch, his bruise still looks pretty bad. I never knew I was that strong, but to make things worse, the neighbor above me is soo noisy and the one next to me is the same. The neighbors have been noisy for 4 days straight so, yes, I am very tired. I was sick and tired of those neighbors, "Tori, have you slept at all in the past 4 days?" "No, those stupid noisy neighbors won't let me! I'm going to tell them to SHUT UPPP!!!! GRRRRR!" be never seen Tori like this, "I'm going to the neighbor above, you no to the neighbor next door." she nods. Before I go put on a graphic t, some dark blue skinny jeans, and some high tops. I run up the stairs to the neighbor upstairs, I was thinking it was some stupid old guy trying to be cool, but I was wayyyy wrong. I knocked on the door, when I saw the shining blue eyes. "I guess you finally came." he said melodic , he took my hand and kissed it. Sadly the light outside his door was bright so he saw me blushing. He took my hand and led me in, I took my shoes off before I stepped in and I sat on his comfy couch. "Would you like a soda?"he asked me, "Sure."I yelled to him from the living room. He sat close to me, I was still sleep, and he turned the noise off and it was silent except for the occasional passing by. I fell asleep, I put my head his lap. 

Niall's POV

She still didn't know my name, but she was stop, was perfect to me. This was my chance to kiss her, on her soft pink lips. Her head was facing my face, this was the my chance! Come on Niall!! Go for it! I leaned down, when her eyes shot open, I almost jumped up, but I jerked my head back which hit the wall, which caused me to screech I pain. "What were you trying to do?" she had her eyebrow raised, I started to get warmer, then a smile spread across her face. "That's cute, but no. I going to leave." she go up and was about to leave. "Wait!" I yelled, she froze, then she spun around. "Yea?" she said in that wonderful voice of her's, "I just wanted of know if you wanted to go out for some tea and lunch later." the whole time I was shuffling my feet and looking at the ground blushing. She was just so beautiful with her brown curls and deep blue eyes, I had to hold back. She was moving closer, my heart was pounding even more. "Meet me at my place." then she kissed my cheek and sprinted out. I just stood there with a stupid smirk on my face, what did she mean? What did she want to do? Hmmmm, I think I know, at her place. Wink, wink. I sat down on my couch and went on Twitter as I always did, I was about to do a twitcam, but then I saw something trending on Twitter. It looked like Harry with, Angela? That's when a wave anger washed over me. The picture was of her and Harry, holding hands, rushing through the airport, gazing into each other's eyes. I thought that Angela was in my grasp, finally. But I guess she slipped right out. Wait, this was before, at the airport, maybe she does have feelings for me.I mean, maybe Harry was just trying to be a gentleman, guiding Angela through the airport. Why didn't I do that?! What if she thinks I'm a careless celebrity, but of course, she still doesn't know my name. What if she just wants to be friends? What if I just got friendzoned by the love of my life? 

Angela's POV

I'm so glad that I woke up before blonde kissed me, I mean, I don't know his name. Why did I invite him over? I didn't want to date a big celebrity, I mean, that's to much limelight for me to handle.I come from sweet simple Pittsburg, or close to Pittsburg, besides not ready for all that, besides, how would a traveling boyfriend work out with my college schedule, he might cheat on me with some Swedish girl. Long distance relationships don't work out. Besides, I fancy Harry a little but more, he's such a gentleman, and those sweet curls. I've got to get my mind back in focus. I finally arrived at my flat, I turned the door knob, when I remembered, I had left my keys at blonde's, I rushed back to find him on his laptop. He was talking to his computer, he was probably Skyping family or friends. I was wrong, he was doing a twitcam, I wasn't familiar with what he was doing, but I knew what a twitcam was. I'm not from the 14th century. He was waving and talking and answering Twitter questions, I decided to ask him a question. (not my real Twitter name) From: @angel_lam Can I have my keys back blonde? He looked over at me, he signaled me to come over and do the twitcam with him. I slowly walked over and sat down next to him. "Hey, everyone, this is my friend Angela, we met at the airport."he said with a smile across his face. "Hey, ummm....hi."I really didn't know what to do. "Why don't you answer some questions, you guys can answer ask Angela some questions, if you want." he said to the viewers. WAIT!! Over 100,000 people were watching?! I saws question for me, (not gonna use any real Twitter accounts for this whole story, except for 1D's accounts) "Hey, blonde! I got a question!" I told him with excitement in my voice. He just laughed and told me to answer it, "Okay, the question is from @harrystyles_cats, Are you and Harry dating, if you are, you guys are soooo cute!! Well, actually no, we are definitely not dating." then I answered some other questions, but one just stuck out, "Hey, Niall" I finally learned his name from all the tweets, "look at this one." he glanced over, and just smiled, "Well, are you going to answer it? Or should I?" he said in that sexy accent, "We'll both answer it, I'll go first. K, this question is from @larry4ever_, would you ever go out with each other @angel_lam and @Niallofficial? PLEAZZZZEEE ANSWERRR!!! Well @larry4ever, its your lucky day! We are going to answer your question! So, Niall?" I was hoping he would say no, but I was also hoping he would say yes. "Why don't you go first Angela?" Whyyyy, what if he said no? "Well," I looked him in his beautiful blue eyes, his met with mine, "why yes, I would. Who couldn't resist this adorable Irish Niall." I said without thinking. I fell into the temptation, now what am I supposed to do? What will people think of me, what about Harry? I fancy him more than Niall. I have a headache. "Well, I feel the same way." he leaned in closer. Then we remembered we still had the twitcam on, "I think I'm going to say bye to our viewers. Bye, I'll try n do the next one as soon as I can." then, he closed the Mac, and leaned in. His lips touched mine, his lips were warm and soft on mine. I felt the sparks fly, then die down after we were done. "I'll see you tomorrow, bye." I said to Niall, "Wait, what about lunch?"he said, kind of disappointed. "I'm just country skip lunch today." then I walked out of the room, but not before I took my keys back. I rode elevator up to my place, I unlocked the door, but Tori still wasn't back. I went next door to where the other neighbor was, I knocked at the door, "Hello? Is Tori there?" I said from the outside of the door. The door opened and I was surprised to see Harry, "Harry? What are you doing here?" I asked him, where was our neighbor? "The question is, where's the magic at from the airport? I thought we had something?" he said, I knew he was trying to hide the pain. I decided to hide the feelings I has for him,  for Niall's sake, "Harry, that was nothing, you were just trying to help out." he closed the door behind me so we could have some privacy whip,e we had our small disagreement. "Well it wasn't just me helping you out! I thought you understood that I was trying to win you over!" he yelled at me, "Well how the hell was I supposed to know! I'm not a guy Harry!" I yelled back at him. This is why I shouldn't get into all this. I knew this would hurt Harry, neither did I want to hurt Niall.Urgh! I just can't stand this much drama! "Harry, what do you want me to do?! I don't want to break Niall's fragile sweet heart!!" "Then kiss me!" I just stood there stunned. What did he want me to do? What did he think I was? A slooty slut?! "Nooo way! Sorry, no, I just cant!" was my reply. "Promise I won't tell Niall. Just one small peck on the lips, then you can lead the rest of the way, if you want." he said back. "No, even a peck on the cheek would kill me a little inside for being unfaithful to Niall, sorry, I've gotta go." then I opened the door and walked to my place. I was tired from this, I also head a horrible headache. I'll just call it day and I fell asleep.

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