Torn Between

Angela and her best friend Tori move to England(can't tell where), but they have a little trouble at the airport. She meets 5 strangers where 2 it's them are crushing on her since they first saw her. She is torn between these two strangers. Who will she choose? Read to find out.


2. Moving Out

"Drake, help me with the boxes!" I yell at my brother just laying on my old bed. "Haven't I helped you enough?" he whines to me. "Drake! Mom said you would help me! You're the older one! You should be the one carrying the more heavy boxes and more stuff!" he did a big sigh, "Fine." he picks some of the heavier boxes and grunts and groans down the stairs. I pick up some slightly smaller boxes down the stairs. Even though I am younger, I'm stronger than Drake. I'm not one of those freaky female body builders, I just have toned arms and legs and I flat stomach, but when I squeeze my fists, you can see muscles. It's because I have been swimming all my life, not the one where you just swim for fun, the competitive swimming. Yea, they really work ya. I walk out the door to the bright shining sun. I'm really going to miss Monroeville. "Are we almost done?" my brother asks me. "Just a few more small boxes." I tell Drake, "You can do the rest, I'm to tired." He complained some more. "I need to start the car, just get the boxes. Please?" I ask him, while batting me eyes and stretching out the please. "Fine. But you owe me." He tells me with aggression. "Okay, fine. Give me the keys for the car." He just threw me the keys, which, hit me in the face. "OWWWW!!!" "Sorry, must've aimed for the wrong place." He tells me, "You hit my face!" I tell him. "Then I aimed correctly!" Then he went back in the house laughing. I opened the door to start the car. I was expecting Drake to come out with the boxes any minute, I was already late to pick up Tori. When he came out he had a phone to his ear, ugh! He had one job, just one job! I start the car while he's putting on the tar for the boxes. I laugh when he drops the phone since a bunch of soot exploded on to his face. Black powder covered his face, I couldn't help but laugh. I could see he was not amused, luckily he was already done putting on the tarp over the boxes, so I just stepped on the gas and drove to Tori's house. It was a 10 minute drive up to her house, when I saw her baby blue house I stopped and walked up to her house. I knocked on the door, I yelled since no one answered the door, "TORI!!! COME ON WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!!!!!!" she sprinted out the door with her stuff and went in and out of the house as fast as she could and loaded the back of the truck. "K, lets go!" We hopped in to the car and I drove us to the airport. When we got there we had 3 minutes to catch the plane. We rushed through the airport, pushing anyone who got in our way. The plane was all the way across the airport so we barely made it, the plane as about the take off without us. But, we made it and took our seats. Well, there was one problem, for me.The plane's seats were 3 seaters, was scared to death. When I was like 4, a man had to sit next to me, he was fat and sweaty and he almost SAT on me. So, I'm not scared of the plane, just the seats. I waited maybe 3 minutes, but no body sat next to me, I was relieved and a little bit offends. I mean, no one wanted to sit next to me,it was kind of offensive. I felt something kicking my seat, I tried to ignore it for 5 minutes, but the thing wouldn't stop! I turned around and about to punch him, but I saw the man sitting next to him, so I just turned myself around and tried to sleep. About 22 hours later we arrived, I didn't sleep at ALL! Maybe 2 or 1 hours, but nothing more! I mean, does that kid sleep or kick in his sleep!!!!! I was a little bit jealous of Tori since she got her 18 hours of sleep, unlike me. We went to the place where you get your luggage, we waited for 10 minutes, but we couldn't find our luggage. We went to the attendant desk, "Where is our luggage!!!" I growled at the lady at the desk. Tori knew that I was annoyed so she tried to talk to the lady in a calmer more softer voice, "Can you help us? We can't find our luggage." "Well, lets check, what was your plane number?" the woman said in a British accent. I was about to speak when I was interrupted by a bunch of screaming girls. I tried to talk over them, but they were to loud. I noticed that the girls were surrounding someones, but the crowd had a space to big, it was someone. The girls started following them up to the front desk, I was starting to get nervous. Then, I took a quick reaction and took a step back. Then the girls split up, and ran out the building, I was wondering what was happening, why were the running away, then I saw why. I looked up to see a 6' 11" or 6' 8"' either way, he was huge and muscular. But that wasn't going to stop me from finding my luggage. I tapped on the big guy's arm, I looked at Tori, she was mouthing the words, 'Don't do it', I had to. I didn't have that much patients , because of the flight. The big guy looked down at me, I did a gulp. "Excuse me, but I was here first. I not really in a good mood, ok? My way to the airport at home wasn't fun,the ride trip here isn't fun, and right now, I'm on the case of trying to find my friend's and my luggage, so if you could wait patiently, that would be a nice start to this day."then I huffed to add attitude. But the man didn't move, I caught a glimpse of maybe 4 or 5 people talking and laughing next to him. "DUDE!!! Move it before move you!!!" I shouted at the man, I heard the people next to him go silent. The airport was still buzzing and noisy, but they stopped. I heard a British voice speak to the big man, "I think we should let this young lady through, she seems that she has been having a bad day." I've seen him this boy before. I know! They were on the cover of my magazines and stuff! I think my cousin, Jessi, is the one who loooveees them. Or is it Jennica?What was the name of their band. I couldn't remember, Wonderland? No, to gay. Maybe Fun Erection? No. The boy who had the sexy hot curls smiled and winked at me, hen the blonde walked over to me and handed me a note with a wink. Then the sexy curls one punched the blonde, then blonde punched the sexy curls back. Then they just kept going, "Thanks. But-" then the lady at the desk said our luggage was lost. That is when I was gonna go burzurk. I almost climbed on the desk but Tori was trying to hold me back. I was trying to hit her in her little British face. I was kicking and yelling at the desk lady. Then the big guy got a hold of me and pulled me back off the desk. I brushed myself off, but I wasn't done. Luckily, I was a black belt in Kung-Fu and Karate. Even though I was small, remember, I'm stronger than my brother, I'm a swimmer. I could tell Tori knew what I was about to do. I quickly, grabbed the big guy's arm and flipped him over, then I was about to go to the lady at the desk, but she was already long gone. I looked over at the guys that I couldn't remember the name of their band, stared at me in awe. I brushed my hands together, I was about to go when the blonde stopped me. "You can stay at my flat, if you don't have anywhere to stay." "No thanks, besides, where would Tori sleep. And I'm not sleeping at some stranger's house, no matter who you are. Well, Jesus and God yes, definitely, but I think you know what km saying."I try say as innocent as possible, like I didn't try and kill that desk lady, and flip what was possibly their body guard. Then the sexy curls offered me his flat, "You can sleep at my flat. I have a bedroom for your friend Tori, and we could just share a bed." he said smoothly with a wink. "Hmmmm, I just might take you up on that offer, but if you have a couch, I'll sleep on that  instead." I reply back to curls. "Hey, why are you taking him up on that offer, and not mine?" the blonde asked me. Was he jealous? Then I heard the girls screaming again. Curls took a hold of my hand, I shouted for Tori to come with, but she was already hot on our heels. We rushed through the airport, the security guard(the one I flipped) was trying to hold some of the girls back. I saw flashes ahead, what was it? I just looked up at curls, he looked down att me with reassuring eyes. I trusted him, I don't know why. Once everyone got into the car I apologized to the body guard. "I'm Andy, and whom might you be?" he asked me with a melodic British voice. "I'm Angela. Why don't you come with me to Curls's flat, I try and help fix your injury. Its the least I can do for flipping you." all he did was nod.We passed this building I recognized this place. "STOP!!" I yelled, the car screeched to a stop, "This is the place I'm supposed to stay. Tori and I bought a place here. Andy, if you want, you can come and I can mend the injury, or at least try." all he did was nod again. We got out of the car and Andy, Tori, and I headed into the building. I still had blonde's number, but I decided to call him later.

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