Torn Between

Angela and her best friend Tori move to England(can't tell where), but they have a little trouble at the airport. She meets 5 strangers where 2 it's them are crushing on her since they first saw her. She is torn between these two strangers. Who will she choose? Read to find out.


1. Intro

My name is Angela. I'm 5' 8", I'm 18(in real life I'm 17). I'm a brunette, I have blue eyes, and I have fairly tanned skin. My BFF who is coming with me is Tori. She's the same age as me, is a blondie, has brown eyes, 5' 9", and has tan skin, it's all natural. We move all the way to England to go to college. But we have some noisy neighbors, which we go he check on. Btw, Tori already has a bf.
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