Torn Between

Angela and her best friend Tori move to England(can't tell where), but they have a little trouble at the airport. She meets 5 strangers where 2 it's them are crushing on her since they first saw her. She is torn between these two strangers. Who will she choose? Read to find out.


4. Here Comes the Pain

7 months later*

"Niall, I have some good news and bad news." I looked at his lovingly blue eyes. "What is it babe?" he had a sign of concern wave over his voice and face, "I've got a job!" "So what's the bad news?" "Well,the job, is all the way in, France. I got a modeling job, it's a great job though! I get to work with Tori, I get in a lot of money, meet some friends, and work for and with the most famous people in the fashion industry! But the problem, is I'll be far away from you." "Where in France are you going to be working?" he was feeling the hurt, I really did t want to talk more, since he might not like my answer. "Where are you going to be working?" he asks me again , "Uhh....Paris." I said under my breath, wait for the boom, but no boom. "Well still get to see each other, once in a while, but we will Skype everything, and call each other, and try to stay in touch in any way we can." I say trying to cheer him up, but I wasn't done with the bad news, "Umm....Niall, there's still more news." "What?" he snapped out of his daze. "I'll be working with some male models, and there's great chances of body contact, but don't get jealous. It will mean nothing to me." that's when he snapped, "Hey! I'VE HEARD ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT!!! I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO TO PARIS!!" he was yelling at the tops of his lungs. "But this is a great opportunity! How many jobs can you have when you get to have fun, work with your bestfriend, get paid very well, and work with some of the best fashion industries in the world? Not much I'm guessing!" I scream back at him. "I CARE ABOUT YOU TO MUCH TO LET YOU GO!!" he yells to me, "Niall! I'm not 3, I think I can handle being out there all by myself!! I don't need you by my side!!" I yell back, it hurt me to yell at him like that, but what was I supposed to do? He wouldn't get the message and would never let me go. "I DON'T WANT A GUY TOUCHING YOU OR SOMETHING ALL THE WAY IN PARIS!!!" "Fine, I won't go. If you can't trust me then......we. are. through." then I storm out of his flat. I run down to my flat with tears streaming down my face. I didn't want to hurt him, but if he can't trust me, then I can't trust him. He's DEFINITELY going to be surrounded by girls. Millions after him, and he can't trust me? That's not right. I unlock the door and slam it behind me. I run to my room, and slam the door again. I stay there for maybe 3 hours just crying, when I hear a knock at the door. I got up, just about to go and answer it, but what if its Niall? Not the first person on my list to se right now. I go to the door though, I look through the peephole. It was Harry, why was he here? I wipes away the tear and blew my nose. Then I opened the door, he stepped in without an invitation. Before I could say anything he just started asking me questions. "Are you ok? What's going on between you and Niall? What did he do to you? What happened?" I could tell he was concerned. "I'm fine, nothing, and what do you care, this is between me and Niall." I tell him. "I'm just trying to be a good friend. Ok? Now really tell me." he really did care. "Well everything's not ok. I told Niall about my job in Paris." "So, what's the problem?" Harry asks me. "I told him about the guys models, he got really jealous. It was me who hurt him, he didn't hurt me. Please don't be mad at me for hurt your best friend, we just can't trust each other." I tell Harry. "I can comfort you if you want? I'll stay as long as takes." "No, I just want to be alone." He walks to door and pauses, "Are you sure, love?" he asks me, "Yea." the he leaves. I get a text from Niall, 'Can we please talk? I'm sorry for not trusting you, please.' Yea like I've never heard that before. I try to fall asleep, but my phone keeps constantly beeping or rings with calls and messages from Niall. I just turn the sound off on my phone. Then I slowly fall asleep. When I wake up its 2:43 PM. Great, I missed my job interview. I look over at my phone I got 23 missed calls from Niall, 352 messages, and 23 missed FaceTimes, all from him, except one from Tori, 'Are you ok? Harry told me everything. I'm at Liam's place, I'll see you on Wednesday.' How long have I been asleep? I get dressed and I was about to head up to Niall's when I remember what happened last night. I just decided to hold back the tears and head to Harry's, I hope Niall isn't there. I knock on the door expecting Harry, but find me face to face with Niall. I quickly turn and run, but Niall grabs my hand before I can run. "Can we please talk about this?" he says to me, "Why are you at Harry's? Is he even here?" "I spent the night at Harry's, he tried to comfort me. He left at 1:00, now that I told you, can we talk?" I sigh, "Fine." I walked in and took a seat across the room from him. "Why did you break-up with me in the first place?" he asks me, "You didn't trust me, how like I trust you? I mean, you're surrounded by millions of girls! All I'm going to be around is like 30 something guys and 10 of them models. I only have an eye for you. Every other guy is just a guy, nothing compared to you." I started to get softer, a tear rolled down my cheek, I quickly brushed it away so Niall couldn't see, but he did. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm just scared I'll lose you." he says to me softly. "Like I haven't heard that before from my ex-boyfriends. This is exactly why I didn't want to talk to you, can't you see we're done?" "Is there still a chance for us?" "Not a big one, I really don't get back with my ex." "Just one more kiss? Please?" "How about a bigger chance of us gettin back together?" but I end up saying, "Fine." I walk towards him, and kiss his soft pink lip one more time, he tries to skip his tongue, but I don't let him. I pull away and walk towards the door, I can hear him quietly sobbing into his hands. It didn't feel right hurting him like this, but it also felt like it was right. "Goodbye Niall." I could fall into his temptations, but it was so hard. I leave and bump into Harry, "What were you doing in my apartment?" he asks me. "Nothing, I was just talking to Niall." I tell him. "I told him not to talk to you right now." he sounds a little annoyed that I talked to Niall, "I'm sorry, I thought you were in your flat and-" he interrupted me right there. "Don't worry, I'm not mad at you, just a little annoyed with Niall. He never listens" "I know, right?" "Hey, you can't talk about my best friend like that. But you're right." then we both laughed. "I think Niall needs to stay one more night." I tell Harry. "Why?" he asks. "He kinda, like, crying. I'm so sorry, I didn't know it would end up like this." "Its not your fault, this is why I told him not to talk to you. Well, I'll see you later." then we hug and go our different ways. I go into my flat and plop onto the couch, turn on the tv and see a commercial for One Direction, uggghhhh. I turn the station, and interview with One Direction. A talk show host talking about Niall. I turn off the tv and go on Twitter, I see a tweets from Niall. From @Niallofficial: '@angel_lam, hope we can still be friends.' '@angel_lam, miss our good days' '@angel_lam, the best thing I ever had, but I blew it." It was really hurting me with all these tweets from him. I decide to tweet him back. From @angel_lam: '@Niallofficial 'We're still great friends!' I almost instantly get a reply back from him, From @Niallofficial: 'Can you text me?' I think about for a minute, and decide to call him instead. I said we're still friends, friends can talk on the phone together. I call him, he picks up at the first ring. "Hello?" "It's me." I tell him. "Oh, hello!" "Are you ok? I'm really sorry for making you cry, I didn't mean to. I feel really bad about it." " saw me?" "No, I heard you. Can we just be good friends?" "Ye-NO! NOOOOO!!! NEVER!!! I HATE YOU!!!" I try and be nice to him and he decides to hurt me, I guess I deserve it. "Fine then!! Just trying to be nice!!!" then I hang up the phone. This is what I get for trying to forget? I guess he doesn't want to forget, well whatever then. I hear my phone buzz, I just decide to ignore it. I text Tori for hours, I wonder why she's staying at Liam's. I'll just ask her on Wednesday. I get a call, but not from Niall, but from Harry. "Harry?" "Yea, I was wondering if you want to meet You want to meet up later. I want to talk, just best friend to best friend." "I guess. My place? Or out?" I ask him. "I guess your place. I'll see you at 17:00. Ok?" "Yea, see you then. Bye." "Wait, one more thing." "Go on." "Are you over Niall yet?" I was a little shocked by him asking. "I guess, why?" "Oh, he just wanted to know." "Please don't tell him, I don't want to hurt him anymore. Please." "Ok, well see you later. Bye." "Bye." Then I hang up. I kind of do miss Niall, UGGGHHHH, it's so hard not to fall for him again. Well I better get ready. I take a shower, pick out my clothes, get dressed, put I little bit of make up on, and do my hair. By the time I'm done I only have an hour to make dinner. I start to panic. I just end up ordering pizza at the last minute after I failed at making the lasagna, soup, and hamburgers. It was kind of embarrassing to have to order pizza instead of making some dinner, but that's the way things turned out.

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