Torn Between

Angela and her best friend Tori move to England(can't tell where), but they have a little trouble at the airport. She meets 5 strangers where 2 it's them are crushing on her since they first saw her. She is torn between these two strangers. Who will she choose? Read to find out.


5. Complicated

I get the pizza 10 minutes before Harry arrives. I decide to go on twitter while I wait. Twitter can be harsh, I got tweets like, From @1D_luver5evr: '@Niallofficial you can do wayyy better!!! Don't be so sad' From @5singingidiots: '@angel_lam YOU'RE A SICK MONSTER!!! How could you do this to poor @Niallofficial ???? He's IS the best thing that ever happened to you!' I read a couple more when I hear a knock, it was probably Harry. I open the door and see Harry dressed nicely, nicer than I've ever seen him. His hair looked nice too. "May I come in?" he asks so politely, "Sure, come in." We walk towards the couch. "Pizza?" he asks me, "I'm a really bad cook." We both let out a chuckle. By the time we had finishes out pizza it was 7:00PM(aka 19:00) Harry took something out of his pocket, "Here, I got you this." It was a beautiful necklace with a heart shaped locket, inside was a picture of Niall and me, "I was going to give you it when your 7 month anniversary came, but I guess I can't now. I didn't want to go to waste so I gave it to you anyway." "What a shame too. Our anniversary was in 4 days." I tear went down my cheek, Harry wipe it off ever so gently. "Don't cry." He tells me. "It's just, I miss him, but it's too late." I tell him, "He still loves you though." "But I can't, I can't trust him. He won't be able to trust me, he gets very jealous." I bury my head into his chest and cry. He wraps his arms around me, he was so gently, and caring. I started to have feelings for him again, but I can't fall for him. I just broke up with Niall and he might not feel the same. While I'm in the middle of my thoughts he lifts me chin up with his finger and leans in closer, and closer, until our lips touch. Then our lips split, "I hope you didn't mind." "That's ok." I reply back to him. We hear a knock at the door, was it Tori? No she's at Liam's. I get up from the couch and open the door, it was Niall. He had a bunch of roses in his hand and an envelope in the other. I slam the door in his face. "Who was it?" Harry asks me, "Oh, nobody." Then I take a seat back on the couch, "Well, I think I should be going now." Harry says as he gets off the couch. "I'll see you later." I is about to go out the door when he stops, he puts his head back in, "You know Niall's out here, right?" He tells me, "I thought he left." I walk towards the door and see him sitting next to the door. "You can leave now Harry." I told him. "You too Niall." "Can we please talk? I don't want to be friends, I want to be more than friends." He begs me, "Ok." When I said that his eyes lit up, "We can be best friends." He sinks back down. "I'm sorry Niall." I'm about to shut the door when he stops it "I made a big mistake, please, I'm begging you, take me back." He was begging on his knees, I felt bad saying no, but I had to be strong. "No, I'm not mad at you, I just don't want to be in a relationship with you right now, ok?" "Ok." He slowly walks away as I close the door. Maybe I should visit Tori, what if she doesn't want to be bothered? I'll just text her to see. 'Hey! Is it ok if I visit you?' I get a reply back after 5 minutes of agonizing waiting. 'Yea sure I don't mind.' I go out, lock the door and to my car I went. Half way through my trip I hear a song on the radio. The whole time I was hoping this would not come on in the car, but it just has to. Niall and my song, well it really wasn't OUR song, but I think you get the picture. I quickly turn to a different station, and of course there is Little Things playing on the radio. I just decide to turn off the radio before it gets really annoying. After about more minutes I arrive at Liam's house. I knock on the door and see Liam smiling at me, "Well hello, why don't you come in? Tori told me you were coming, she went out to get some groceries." "Thanks." I walk in and take a seat on the couch. "May I ask you something?" Liam asks, "Sure, what is it?" I reply. "What happened to you and Niall? People keep saying rotten things about you." "Well it's just that Niall an I are just taking a long break from each other." "Angela, I'm not 6. You can tell me you guys broke up. And now you're with Harry?" I almost right there right then screamed, "WHAT?! Where did you hear that?" "Well it's the texts he's been sending me. It's just seems-" "No, Harry and I aren't dating. He was probably just telling you about when he came over, all we did was talk and eat, not anything about a date." "No," Liam said shaking his head, "He never talked about that." "Then what did he say about us? That we are dating?" "No, it's not about you and him its just you in particular." "Well, even if he did text you about that. And if I did, and I mean DID. I just broke up with Niall, I would never just spring up all of a sudden."Mmmhm. If you 'did', Angela everyone knows you're crushing on Harry! I bet even Harry knows it!" "Liam! I so do not!" "You do so!" "Liam I seriously do not like Harry anything more than a friend. Trust me. If I did I probably would have kissed him by now." "Just like you did on your date?" "Harry told you?" "Yea, you so do like him!" "Ummm no I do not. And can we please change the subject, pleeaassseee!" Then Tori walks in with the groceries, "Wait, why is staying over your house anyways?" I ask Liam, "Oh it's just that Tori was on her way back home and her car broke down and she's staying here till her car is fixed." He tells me. "And Danielle is fine with it?" "Well it took a bit of talking bit we worked it out." "I brought some food." Tori says, "Oh hey Tori! When are we going to eat?" "Soon, why don't you help me in the kitchen?" " Sure." I get off of the couch an head to the kitchen. After a while or so I hear Liam talking on the phone, with who? "So what's going on between you and Niall? Are you and Harry together?" I snap back to talking to Tori, "Hmmm. What?" "I said, what's going on between you and Niall? Are you as Harry together?" "What makes you think Harry and I are together?" "Well Liam told me about your date with him and all texts he's been sending Liam." "Definitely not. I just broke up with Niall. It wouldn't be right anyways. Can you hold on for a sec? I have to calm someone." "Sure." I walk out of the kitchen and into the hallway nearby. I call Harry, it rings 3 times before he answers, "Hell-" "What are you telling Liam?" I ask him, "What are you talking about?" Surely he was kidding me, "Liam told me about you texting him about me. He thought we were DATING!" "Well.....errr...ummm, I've got to" "Harry you are the worst liar ever." ThenI laugh. I wasn't necessarily mad at him, I was kind of flattered. "Well I've got to go." "I'll talk to you when I get home. See you." Then I hang up before you can say anything else. I walk back to the kitchen to find dinner is already finished. "Was I gone that long?" "Yea, I guess. Since you didn't help at all! You can set the table with Liam." I walk out of the kitchen and walk to wear Liam is sitting, "Hey we've got to set the table, lets go." "Just a sec, I'm on the phone." I walk away when I hear a little part of he conversation "Come on man! Flowers and roses will do the trick! She has to say yes! Remember you have to do this everyday like Harry did. I guarantee she'll say yes. I've got to go set the table talk to you later." He was about to turn around so I dash to the table. I pretended that I didn't hear anything even though I heard a lot. "Who we're you taking to?" "Niall," he replies, "He finally found a girl! Maybe you could set up a date for them." "Ummm...I don't even know the girl." "Your bestfriend. Tori. Maybe you could set up a date with them. If you're ok with that." "Sure. I'll try and set it up." I walk away from the scene. Niall, fancies Tori? What am I feeling? It can't be jealousy. Can it? "Hey, are you ok love?" "Umm yea. Just a little tired." Then I resume setting the table.
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