Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Cait meets 5 boys iin the woods of Central Park, New York City and they invite her to coffee. She falls for one of them but little does she know that more than one has fallen for her.


3. The Walk

*Cait's POV*

We started off to the nearest coffee shop. I walked next Niall because he seemed really nice and quite funny.

"Hey wanna hear a joke?"he asked the group.

"Sure!"they all said.

"Why did the sailor flush the toilet?"

The boys groaned. I smiled.

"Cuz it was his DOODY!" I said. "Gotta try a bit harder than that,".

He blushed a bit as the boys laughed. I put my arm around his shoulders and whispered "Its okay, my dad always thought those kind of jokes were hilarious,".

"Thought?"he asked.

"Yeah...."I say."He died last year. Car accident. I was in the car with him."

"Oh my god im so sorry!" he said. "I didnt mean to bring up a sensitive subject!"

"Its fine," I said. And I smiled.


*Niall's POV*

She was smiling but I could see the sadness in her eyes.

"Ill tell you more another time,"she whispered.

Just then we arrived at the coffee shop and the other boys interrupted us.

"Hey Niall, aren't ya gonna share the poor girl?"Zayn joked.

"Oh shut up,"I said, swatting at him. I think I was blushing but im not sure.

The boys all awwww'ed so I think I was. I was pretty sure she liked me though so their lauhter didn't bother me.


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