Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Cait meets 5 boys iin the woods of Central Park, New York City and they invite her to coffee. She falls for one of them but little does she know that more than one has fallen for her.


5. The Next Day

*Caits POV*

I woke up and decided I should text the boys.

Hey guys!Its Cait!How are you?

Niall texted back right away.

The boys are sleeping but I couldn't.....i was thinking of you :)


Niiiiaaaallll!That is so not fair!


What?Just stating the facts :)


I sighed.....this boy.... :)

Wanna do something today?I heard there's a carnival in Central Park at 1 if u wanna go :)


I'd love to!I'll pick you up at 12:30 then!


I looked at the clock. Crap!It was already 11:00! I jumped in the shower and changed into this:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=64479452

I dried and brushed my hair and pulled it up into a messy bun. I was just putting on my finishing touches of makeup as my doorbell rang.

"Just a sec!"I called.

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. When I opened it i saw Niall's beaming face right away. Instinctively I hugged him.

"Ready to go?"I chirped.

"Yeah of course!"he said, still looking slightly taken aback.


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