Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Cait meets 5 boys iin the woods of Central Park, New York City and they invite her to coffee. She falls for one of them but little does she know that more than one has fallen for her.


6. The Carnival

*Niall's POV*

When we arrived at the carnival I couldn't help but gasp. It was bloody huge! Suddenly my phone started to ring. I pulled it out. It was Harry. Shit.

"Hang on Cait, i gotta get this its Harry, he must not have seen the note I left,"I say.

"Okay no problem," she said."Ill get in line for tickets."

She walked off to join the mass of people for tickets. I sighed and answered my phone.

"Hey Haz," I said.

"What are you doing?"he shouted.

"Umm hanging out with the girl I like, how about you?"

"You know she texted all of us not just you loverboy. Get your head out of your ass and realize she doesnt really like you!Shes obviously figured out who we are by now!"

"You think shes using me?Us I mean?"

"Yeah Nialler I do. If  I were you i'd do the smart thing and end it now."

There was a click and I realized he had hung up. I stared at my phone for a few moments in silence. Then I realized what I had to do.

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