Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Cait meets 5 boys iin the woods of Central Park, New York City and they invite her to coffee. She falls for one of them but little does she know that more than one has fallen for her.


2. Coffee?

*Nialls POV*

She was gorgeous. And funny. When Harry started to flirt with her I felt anger surging in my blood. He was such a player! Why couldn’t any girl ever see past the charm and realize that all he wants is sex?!


*Harrys POV*

I glanced over at the lads and saw the hurt look on Nialls face. I realized that he must like this girl. I decide to help him out. It’s the least I can do what with all the girls ive stolen from him in the past.

“Hey, wanna come get coffee with us?” I ask Cait.

“Sure, why not?” she says with a smile.

I notice she stays away from me and instead walks next to Niall, who looks so happy. Im happy for him, I really am. Its about time he found a girl.

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