Kiss you

A girl goes to a camp that she has been saving up for ages. The year she goes she meets five famous boys that fall in love with her but she doesnt like them back BUT then she falls in love with all of them at once. Who will she choose.


3. What about the rest

Lauren's mums POV

I seen Lauren counting up all her money nearly everyday, I think that she wants this really bad. I would give her the rest but I need to use my money for other things. More important things. I walked into her room just after her nan walked out I waited for a bit. I sat on the edge of her bed and looked at the money. "How much do you have!" I asked curious. She looked back at me smiling and said I have £707 I think so I need £93, but I am not very good at maths!" Se began to laugh and so did I.

Lauren's POV
When my mum came in I was wondering what she wanted, more clothes to put away, but then she asked me 'how much did I have' I got my hopes up just incase she was going to give me the rest but she never. She walked out of my room. I thought to myself maybe I could find some money on the streets. So I grabbed my pink waist high coat. I slipped my blue glittery converse on and and went for a walk. I kept on looking for any change on the floor, but I could not find anything. I sat on a crusty green park bench and took a rest. A thought just popped into my mind 'maybe I could do some jobs for my nan and grandad!' I stood up and started walking home.
I got to the door and let myself in. I took my shoes and coat off and walked into the kitchen to see my nan making some tea. I ran over then asked her "is the any jobs I could do for you?" I smiled.
She looked confused and shook her head then realised why I asked and said "why don't you ask your mum if she will pay you money to tidy your room, polish the whole house or do something she needs!" My eyes lit up and I ran over to my mum and shouted "MUM DO YOU WANT ME TO TIDY MY ROOM AND TIDY THE HOUSE AND POLISH OR ANYTHING ELSE!" She walked over too me then said "could you tidy your room erm polish the house and sort out the garrage! £10 for each job and extra £10 for it done well! Oh and baby sit your little brothers and sisters whilst I go to town for your sisters birthday present!" I hugged her then ran off to tidy my room.
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